The insurance of love-4

/October 2021

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There is a lot of fog. 

Zhou Hai did not seem to be surprised by the appearance of Gao Ming, and the two made an appointment with the tea house next to Xiangrui Auto parts City. 

"I guess we met once, and there's nothing to talk about, is there?" 

Zhou Hai took a sip of his tea, turning a blind eye to Gao Ming. 

Gao Ming just crossed his legs to put on a shelf, but he sneezed several times and felt a little embarrassed. 

Gao Ming rubbed his nose, took out his cell phone, showed Zhou Hai the black Chevrolet photos he had taken, and said, "I know very well what is the relationship between you and Yu Na." 

And I know she changed the insurance beneficiary to you. 

I have found the proof that you drove this car and killed your wife and Yu Na. 

But you didn't expect me to find out, did you? 

If you don't want to go to jail, give me 5 million hush money. " 

Zhou Hai put down the tea, got up, and straightened his skirt: "I don't understand what you're saying. If you have any clues to solve the case, go and tell the police." 

Your blackmail is not very clever. " 

Having said that, Zhou Hai was about to leave. Gao Ming saw that he had not shocked each other, and he was ashamed and annoyed in his heart. Zhou Hai refused to let him go. Zhou Hai smiled coldly: "if you don't let go, I'll call the police." 

Gao Ming was afraid and watched Zhou Hai leave helplessly. 

At this time, Gao Ming's nose itched and sneezed several times. 

As soon as he looked down, he saw a card on the ground, which was the business card of a car rental company. 

It seems that it fell from Zhou Hai's pocket when pulling just now. 

Gao Ming was suddenly excited: Zhou Hai would not hit Yu Na with his car again. He must have rented a car. 

Car rental companies should have surveillance. If he gets the video of Zhou Hai, what else can he say about Zhou Hai? 

Hope rekindled in Gao Ming's heart, and he found the car rental agency according to the address on the card. 

Gao Ming made up a lie: "I came to rent a car the other day, and something very important was stolen. I just want to see who did the surveillance. Don't worry, I will never involve you." 

Gao Ming paid the boss 500 yuan while talking. 

The boss thought that if the surveillance was cleared every three months, it would be better to use the waste and sell the surveillance, so he copied all the surveillance videos from the past three months to Gao Ming.