The insurance of love-5

/October 2021

When he got home, Gao Ming even drank a few cups of coffee and stared at the computer screen for a whole night without a clue. 

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Seeing the bright light in the sky, Gao Ming yawned a long time ago. 

Suddenly, a man appeared in the video and woke him up. 

There is no one else in the video, but himself. 

Gao Ming rubbed his eyes hard, then replayed the video several times. The man's trousers, shoes, yellow-green coat, and even his hat and mask were his own. 

Gao Ming immediately rushed into the bedroom and found that all the clothes in the video were gone. 

The more Gao Ming thought about it, the more he felt creepy. At this time, the doorbell rang. Gao Ming opened the door and rushed over two dark shadows. Gao Ming urgently called for help, but the other party patted him on the head: "stop screaming, look carefully, we are the police." 

The silver badge flashed so brightly that he felt dizzy, and he had a foreboding in his heart. 

Sure enough, as soon as he arrived in the interrogation room, the policeman said, "come on, how did you fake this traffic accident?" 

Gao Ming said aggrieved that he didn't know anything, but the police patted the table: "but also sophistry!" 

We have inspected and visited all the waste car disposal plants around and found the vehicle that caused the accident. 

Your fingerprints were extracted from the black Chevrolet we found. 

In addition, we also know that you and your wife Yu Na have taken out a huge amount of insurance. " 

Gao Ming quickly interrupted: "but the beneficiary is not me!" 

It's Zhou Hai. He has an improper relationship with Yu Na, the one he killed to cheat him. It has nothing to do with me! " 

"We have investigated the situation you mentioned, and Zhou Hai is indeed a suspect, but his fingerprints were not found in the vehicle that caused the accident. 

In addition, he has admitted his relationship with Yu Na and believes that his wife was hit with Yu Na, probably because his wife asked Yu Na out to negotiate and was unfortunately implicated. " 

The police's words made Gao Ming furious: "Why should I kill Yu Na and let Zhou Hai take advantage?" 

The policeman sneered: "cheating insurance is your motive, but you didn't expect that the beneficiary has changed." 

We found your clothes in the trunk of the black Chevrolet, and you have the car rental company's surveillance. What else do you have to say? " 

Gao Ming had already heard that his eyes were black and his head was buzzing. 

What else does he have to say? 

All the evidence points to him. Why are his fingerprints in the car? 

Why is he on the surveillance of the car rental agency? 

Why did your clothes go to the trunk of the car that caused the accident? 

Could it be that he wanted to kill Yu Na so much that he was schizophrenic and did these things while sleepwalking? 

Gao Ming did not sleep all night, and encountered this sudden blow, rushed to attack the heart, unexpectedly fainted.