The insurance of love-6

/October 2021

Take a turn for the better. 

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When I woke up, Gao Ming was already in the hospital. 

Unexpectedly, there was an acquaintance sitting by the bed, which was Lao Ma. 

"I heard that the case had been transferred to a criminal investigation, so I asked about it. I didn't expect you to be a brave man." 

Gao Ming listened to this and was eager to defend himself, but he opened his mouth for a long time and only said dryly, "I really didn't do it." 

The old horse took out a notebook from his pocket and said, "I checked the number you said last time. It's a network virtual phone. I can't find anything, but it shows a problem." 

Gao Ming seems to have grasped the straw: "what's the problem?" 

Can you prove my innocence? " 

Looking at the crooked relationship diagram drawn by himself in his notebook, Lao Ma said, "there are several doubtful points in this matter, and this phone call is one of them." 

In addition, the car that caused the accident, like your own car, is a black Chevrolet. 

If you really rent a car to commit the crime, you are unlikely to rent the same car as yourself. 

However, this is not enough to exonerate you from suspicion. Is there anything you are not telling me? " 

Gao Ming dared to hide again, tried to murder Yu Na to cheat the insurance, followed the extortion of Zhou Hai, and said it in detail. 

The old horse frowned and said for a long time, "come on, let me see your bottle of poisoned wine, otherwise how can I trust you?" 

Gao Ming was stupefied for a moment: "I. 

Can I go? " 

Lao Ma patted him on the shoulder: "I have released you on bail pending trial, and the comrades handling the case have also thought of all the doubtful points that I can think of. As long as you tell the truth, you will find out the truth." 

Gao Ming and Lao Ma only met twice. At this moment, Lao Ma was willing to help him, which made his eyes red, and he didn't know what to say. 

"Don't be happy too early. The current evidence is too bad for you. If there is no new progress, the possibility of filing a case based on existing evidence cannot be ruled out." 

The old horse looks serious and doesn't look like a bluff. 

Gao Ming quickly bounced out of bed and let the old horse go home with him. 

On the way, when I passed a perfume shop, Gao Ming sneezed again. This sneeze woke Gao Ming up. 

Seeing Gao Ming, the shop assistant stopped and said, "Sir, this cologne is very suitable for men. It extracts ingredients from a natural plant and has a unique flavor." 

Gao Ming instantly turned on the electricity and excitedly pulled the old horse: "I see!" 

When I answered the phone and went out that day, the Chevrolet I was driving was not my own car, but the one rented by Zhou Hai, so there would be my fingerprints in the car. 

After I brought the car back, he drove it and killed his wife. 

Yu Na said she was missing and should be in hiding! 

As soon as I got on the bus that day, I kept sneezing. When I saw Zhou Hai twice later, I also had allergies. He smelled like this kind of cologne. " 

The old horse nodded thoughtfully: "if you look at it this way, a lot of things will be strung together." 

Zhou Hai is already the same size as you, so it is entirely possible to change into your clothes and rent a car. 

It seems that it can't be a coincidence that you picked up the card from the car rental store and went to the junkyard. 

If that's the case, you can be led by the nose by Zhou Hai all the time! " 

Gao Ming repeatedly said yes, but Lao Ma poured cold water on him: "although it makes sense logically, it cannot be used as evidence." 

You still have to find a key person. " 

Gao Ming hurriedly asked: "who?" 

Three feet into the ground, I'm going to find him, too. " 

Old Ma looked serious: "Yu Na." 

Without her, Zhou Hai could not change his car keys or get those clothes. 

Your wife is much more calculating than you are. " 

Hearing this, cleverly hated and ashamed, he sighed, "it's too hard to find someone to hide in such a big city."