The insurance of love-7

/October 2021

Insurance works. 

Gao Ming has been monitoring Zhou Hai these two days, and Lao Ma asked acquaintances to get the information of all the real estate in Zhou Hai. Gao Ming had no hope, but he underestimated Lao Ma. It was only two days before the information was obtained. 

Old Ma ran to tell Gao Ming: "there are five places, there are buildings and bungalows, scattered in different urban areas." 

Gao Ming took a look at it. He remitted a report: "there is nothing wrong with Zhou Hai these days. I go to work during the day and go home at night." 

I just went to wash the car yesterday. " 

The old horse frowned: "car wash?" 

Then we don't have to bother running around. 

This bungalow on the outskirts of the city is the most likely. " 

Gao Ming thought it strange that car washing had something to do with this. 

The old horse pointed out, "look at the weather forecast. There are only two separate rains on the outskirts of the city in a week." 

The bungalow was at the junction of urban and rural areas, and when Gao Ming arrived, the door was locked, and from the outside, there was no clue at all. 

The old horse was sure to let Gao Ming call the police: "the ash on this lock has been wiped off, and Yu Na is nine times out of ten inside." 

Gao Ming took advantage of the old horse to climb over the wall and went into the yard. Gao Ming wanted to ask Yu Na face to face how she calculated herself step by step. 

The old horse didn't stop, so he had to turn in with him. 

As soon as the two entered the yard, there was a woman's cry for help in the house. 

Cleverly smashed the door lock, the person inside is Yu Na. 

The couple was extremely jealous when they met and scolded each other, and the old horse intervened for a long time to calm them down. 

The old horse was afraid that the two would pinch again, so he simply changed the subject: "did you just call for help?" 

Looks like you broke up with Zhou Hai? " 

Yu Na said bitterly, "Zhou Hai is not a good thing." 

We had agreed to kill Zhou Hai's wife and frame, Gao Ming. 

As soon as Gao Ming goes to prison, his insurance will come into effect, and then I will show up to collect the compensation. 

I didn't expect it. " 

"unexpectedly, Zhou Hai locked you up here for all kinds of reasons, and you immediately thought that Zhou Hai had already made two preparations. 

If the plan goes well, the two of you will run away with the clever insurance compensation; if the plan doesn't go well, Zhou Hai will kill you, and he will be happy with your compensation. " 

Old Ma's words were all to the point, causing Yu Na to scold again. 

Gao Ming on one side had long heard that his back was cold and thought that the three of them acted in a good show in which the mantis caught the yellow sparrow of the cicada. the saddest thing is that he was still the cicada at the bottom of the food chain. 

Thinking of this, Gao Ming was somewhat relieved, lost his previous anger, and said, "there's one thing I don't understand. The car at home is shared by us. It's not difficult for you to change your car keys before." 

But that night I went home in a Chevrolet prepared by Zhou Hai. I was supposed to find something wrong with my car keys when I was driving my car the next day. " 

Yu Na said disapprovingly, "what's strange about this? I went home after you drove away. I didn't quietly change the key and leave until you fell asleep." 

Old Ma had called the police, and he could not help interrupting: "the more logical a crime he thinks, the easier it is to be caught. People, ah, are all self-wise." 

Gao Ming didn't want to be in the same room with Yu Na, so he just went out of the house and waited for the police with Lao Ma. 

Gao Ming has made up his mind, admit what he should admit to the police, and bear what he should bear. I am tired these days. 

Yu Na was locked up for several days and wanted to go out for some air. as soon as she stood on the road, a black Audi rushed in and knocked Yu Na out. 

The sudden change frightened Lao Ma and Gao Ming, and the black Audi went back and rushed to Lao Ma and Gao Ming. 

"it's Zhou Hai!" 

Gao Ming gave a roar and dragged the old horse into the courtyard. Fortunately, the wall of the courtyard was so strong that Audi crashed into the wall. Zhou Hai bumped into the steering wheel and could not get up again. 

In the distance, the siren is approaching. 

Three months later, Gao Ming was sentenced to eight years in prison for embezzlement. 

Interestingly, after Gao Ming went to prison, the insurance compensation should be attributed to Na, but Yu Na was killed by Zhou Hai that day, and this compensation became Yu Na's legacy. 

As Zhou Hai also died, Gao Ming, as the first heir to the throne, inherited the money. 

It was because of this money that Gao Ming returned the misappropriated public funds and got a light sentence. 

Now, Gao Ming is not worried about the hardship of the past eight years, at least for him, prison life is much safer than the days when they used to calculate each other.

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