The little thing of first love

/September 2021

One rainy night, I leaned against the bedside reading and received a Wechat from a friend. 

'i recently fell in love with a girl,' he said.' it was like I was back in love for the first time,' he said. 

He continued:'I didn't tell her that I had a girlfriend before I met her, but that feeling is something I haven't had in more than a decade, and I'm not going to tell her. I just want to keep this beauty deep in my heart. 

Originally, when he finished his first sentence, I couldn't help complaining about him, but his second sentence made me like him silently from the bottom of my heart. 

Because he has a sense of responsibility at the bottom of his heart. 

Do you remember your first love? 

I am not a nostalgic person, now think of all about the past, are three or five people, three or five pieces cobbled together, a complete memory is almost non-existent. 

I am not a puppy love person, although when I was in junior high school, some boys had secretly sent small gifts to girls in the same class, perhaps a crystal hairpin, which would giggle when I saw each other wearing it the next day; maybe it was a delicate diary, probably hoping that I could be remembered by the other person in the diary. 

When I was in junior high school, I received love letters and threw them all away. at that time, no one taught me to cherish them. My heart was only in the grades. 

Someone folded the colorful stationery into the shape of a heart or a thousand cranes. I couldn't open it, or even accidentally dismantled it into several pieces. 

Lamented that a letter was folded so delicately, but never sighed what was written in it. 

The real first love happened in college. I don't remember how long I talked about it. He was a senior elder brother. He didn't buy me flowers, nor did he buy me a gift, nor did he write me a love letter. He just sent me a text message after class every day to ask me what I would like to eat today. 

He is excellent and always ranks first in his grades. 

He is also very bad. When he fights and makes trouble at school, he is always brought out in the first place. 

Is such a person, the wind and the limelight in the university like the catkins in spring, flying all over the sky. 

Later, he went to France, we broke up peacefully, and today, many years later, we became good friends, making fun of each other from time to time. 

No matter how deep memories are gone, I can't remember anything. 

First love is beautiful, but most of them end in vain. 

At that time, we didn't care whether you had a house or a car, or whether your mother-in-law designated to buy an apartment in the Second Ring Road. 

At that time, we, the mind have not been imbued in society, do not know how to fight, do not care about gains and losses, regardless of, like to love. 

Reading in the library, the other party smiled and handed over a bag of hot milk, feeling that a heart was about to melt. 

Now, if someone gives you a bag of hot milk, I don't know if it can still melt and warm your heart. 

I can't go back to that feeling. I can't get it back. 

There is a dream about first love hidden in everyone's heart. After being filtered over the years, it is unconsciously beautified and feels more and more precious. 

About because of this, nowadays, meeting someone makes you feel as if you have found the feeling of your first love, how difficult it is. 

When we grow up, we may no longer love who is as simple and clear as our first love, but we know what to do and what not to do, who is worthy of love, and who is not worthy of love. 

At the party, some people inevitably talk about their first love, and others even chuckle. They think that they can't do immature things at an immature age. 

But for them, they will not delve into deeper love and hate now. 

If you meet a good restaurant, you will go twice more; if you encounter a good song, you may listen to it several times over and over again; if you meet a good person, maybe before long, the other person will become a passer-by. 

Now, when you meet a person, will you still feel a buzzing sound in your ears, as if the world is in a mess, and the foot that goes out doesn't know what to do? 

I don't think so. 

We've all grown up at last.

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