The love of a bartender-1

/October 2021

Deng Zhiyuan works as a bartender in a famous wine factory all over the country. he is a beloved apprentice of factory director Chen Jichuan. 

Because he usually likes to study hard, after years of effort, he finally mastered the advanced technology of blending and seasoning Maotai-flavor liquor and was rated as China's famous master of liquor blending by wine experts. 

Because of his outstanding achievements, he has repeatedly won the honorable title of national, provincial, and municipal model worker and advanced individuals. 

Blending, also known as "blending", is the wine made from the cellar with many different flavors of wine, through mutual blending and blending, so that the wine will always maintain the same aroma and taste. 

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Xiao Deng is active and willing to work in his post, with a brilliant career and outstanding honor, but he is passive and ineffective in personal issues, and he is still alone today. 

Concerning Xiao Deng's problem, it was not that he could not find a partner, and there were so many beautiful young girls who pursued him that they could form a long line. For some reason, he looked down on none of them, either "boasted" by him or "dumped" by him. 

Director Chen, as a master, was very worried about the marriage of his beloved apprentice. 

Now that he was in his thirties, he asked him why he didn't have a family, but he said, it's still early, don't worry. 

The apprentice is not anxious, the master is anxious, especially the teacher's wife is more urgent. 

To find a good girl for his apprentice, the two old men broke their hearts all day long. 

In the hope of waiting for the right and the left, a good thing about marriage finally came. 

The girl who volunteered to beg for relatives was a lady from a big family. Her father was not only the deputy mayor but also the leader in charge of the winery. 

The girl's name is Gao Feifei, over 25 years old, with the tall figure of a fashion model, her waist as thin as wicker and her face as beautiful as peach blossoms. She is a famous beauty in the city. 

She works in the office of the Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Trade and is well dressed. She usually likes to wear balm and lipstick to dress up. She is also delicious. Since childhood, she has had a "five-spice mouth" that tastes good, sweet, bitter, and spicy. As long as there is delicious food to her taste, she will not refuse to do so. 

Gao Feifei fell in love with Deng Zhiyuan, a bartender, because she admired his name for a long time and often saw his brilliant image in newspapers and TV. In her mind, he was a great hero and model figure, Prince Charming, and a lover worthy of lifelong trust. 

After she told her parents what she thought, her parents sent someone to talk to director Chen and his wife to make matchmaking. The old couple was surprised and delighted when they heard this. 

Then the old couple told the apprentice that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him to treat the woman carefully when playing with his friends and not to screw it up as he did in the past. 

After the two men got to know each other through matchmaking by the introducer, they both left their mobile phone numbers to each other. 

The first date was initiated by Xiao Gao, and the date was in a famous cafe in the city. 

Xiao Deng arrived on time dressed and dressed to keep his promise. Xiao Gao, standing at the door, saw Xiao Deng, like an old friend who had been reunited for a long time, affectionately holding him by the hand and walking towards the door. 

They came to a quiet room and sat down. Xiao Gao asked the waitress for two cups of hot coffee. 

This is the first time that Xiao Deng has had coffee in his life. 

He took the cup, stirred it back and forth with a spoon for a while, scooped a spoon into his mouth, suddenly spit out the coffee he had just drunk, and shouted, "Wow, it's so bitter!" 

Xiao Gao couldn't help laughing at Deng's embarrassing appearance, but she didn't show it and asked with concern, "I'll give you more sugar so it won't be too bitter." 

"No, I can't drink this. Please pour me another glass of boiled water." 

"all right!" 

Xiao Gao called the waitress and immediately brought him a glass of boiled water. 

Xiao Deng took a fancy to Xiao Gao's thoughtfulness and care. 

After coming out of the cafe, it was almost lunchtime. 

Xiao Gao dragged Deng to the restaurant and claimed that she would entertain him to dinner. 

Xiao Gao took the menu handed over by the service staff and ordered some of the best spicy chicken nuggets, spicy stewed beef, spicy rabbit cubes, hot and sour blood, sweet wine rice, sauerkraut bitter bamboo shoots vermicelli soup, all of which were her favorite foods. 

She thought he must like what she likes. 

In the evening, Xiao Gao took Xiao Deng to the teahouse to drink tea and bought snack foods such as spicy sunflower seeds, dried fried peanuts, spicy crispy beans, and other snack foods. the two talked about their ideal life while drinking tea and eating.