The love of a bartender-2

/October 2021

Since Deng Zhiyuan followed Gao Feifei, he is often surrounded by countless strange smells, and his life has never been so full and happy. 

Because his wine blending work is very monotonous and boring, he is faced with jars of wine all day long, dealing with the same kind of wine flavor. 

While Xiao Deng was immersed in the happiness of love, his master, Director Chen Jichuan, found him and said angrily, "Zhiyuan, what happened to your wine blending work?" 

Recently, the factory received opinions from a group of old consumers who like drinking, saying that several batches of wine produced by our factory have different aromas and tastes, and they are not as mellow and delicious as they used to be. 

What on earth is going on? " 

"Master, I'm sorry, it's my fault. It's me." 

Xiao Deng hesitated. For some reason, he suddenly burst into tears. 

When Director Chen saw that his beloved apprentice was so sad, he quickly slowed down his tone and tried his best to comfort him: "since mistakes have already occurred, I hope to learn a lesson. In the future, we should pay more attention to the quality, and uniformly fix a kind of fragrance and flavor." 

Please remember, don't smash our famous wine brand with a history of hundreds of years, and don't ruin your hard-won reputation! " 

Xiao Deng took the towel handed by his master, dried his tears, and nodded silently. 

Since then, Xiao Deng has been eating and living in the winery, preoccupied with the work of mixing drinks, and even refused to attend the date of his girlfriend, Xiao Gao. 

After a period of painstaking efforts, he blended out a wine of better quality than before and then gave it to the old consumers who liked drinking and received high praise. 

Director Chen was very happy to find his apprentice Xiao Deng, and at first, he praised him with a smile on his face, then reined in his smile and asked angrily, "Zhiyuan, Xiao Gao specially came to see your teacher's wife and me last night. She said that she had called you several times. I can't believe you didn't reply once. 

Is that it? 

What's going on? " 

"Master, I don't want to be friends with Gao Feifei anymore!" 

"Zhiyuan, are you kidding me with lies?" 

"it's not a lie, it's true!" 


Can you tell me your reasons? 

Gao Feifei is the daughter of Gao Vice Mayor, who is in charge of our brewery. You must not offend him! " 

"Gao Feifei is a good girl, sincere, warm and generous to people, cheerful, naive and lively, to be honest, I love her very much. 

But she loves beauty and delicacy. " 

"what's wrong with that? 

What does this have to do with you getting married and starting a family? " 

"it's a big deal! 

You see, what I do is mix drinks. It's a special job, and I can't get in touch with all the smelly things. 

The last time I screwed up the blending, it was because my sense of smell and taste were disturbed and could not play a normal role. 

If I am forced to marry her, I will not do this job unless I am transferred from my post, but I love this job very much and do not want to leave. " 

When Director Chen heard the apprentice give some very good reasons, he was immediately embarrassed. 

The apprentice is a big pillar of the winery, and he has not yet trained a new successor. as soon as he leaves this famous wine factory in the country, he will cease to exist. 

After thinking about it for a long time, he finally decided to ask his wife to do Gao Feifei's ideological work and go to Vice Mayor Gao to explain his reasons for refusing to marry. 

Finally, Vice Mayor Gao and his daughter were reasonable and gave up the marriage on their initiative.

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