The love of a bartender-3

/October 2021

Before long, Xiao Deng fell ill from overwork and was admitted to the Municipal people's Hospital. 

When he heard that his beloved apprentice was ill, his master and his wife were deeply distressed. 

While Xiao Deng was in the hospital, the two often went to see him, bought him delicious and nutritious food, and called the young babysitter they had just invited to the hospital to take care of him. 

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The young nanny, named Xia he, lives in remote rural and mountainous areas. she has just turned 20 this year, with a graceful and slim figure, a handsome face, two thick black bright braids, ordinary cloth clothes and trousers, and self-made old-fashioned cloth shoes. A simple and pure costume. 

She is the aunt and niece of the teacher, and because the husband and wife have to go to work every day, they hire her to help with the housework, buy vegetables, cook, wash clothes and clean them. 

Xiao Xia is a warm, hardworking, and capable girl. 

Since she was called to the hospital to serve Xiao Deng, she has always been conscientious and considerate in delivering food and medicine to pour spittoons. 

Under the meticulous care of Xiao Xia, Xiao Deng soon recovered from the hospital and returned to work. 

Xiao Deng thanked Miss Xiaoxia very much from the bottom of his heart. he went to the mall to buy an Apple mobile phone and gave it to her to express his gratitude. 

Xiao Xia had no objection and gladly accepted it. 

Since then, subtle changes have taken place in their hearts. 

Once, Director Chen and his wife invited Xiao Deng to have dinner at home. 

Xiaoxia heard that Brother Deng was coming, so he made a table of delicious dishes with special attention. 

When eating together, she kept giving the most delicious dishes to Xiao Deng, who was sitting next to her and said thoughtfully, "Brother Deng, the work you are doing is too hard. You should eat more nutritious food and take good care of your body!" 

Seeing that Xiao Xia loved Xiao Deng so much, Director Chen and his wife saw it in their eyes and remembered it in their hearts, and understood her mind. 

The two also spoke in unison and advised: "Xiao Xia is right. Zhiyuan works very hard and should eat more nutritious food!" 

Since Xiao Xia came to the master's house, Xiao Deng came more frequently and had to find an excuse to come to the door. 

Every time he saw Brother Deng's arrival, Xiao Xia always enthusiastically made him tea and peeled fruit and made him his favorite meat, Fish Filets in Hot Chili Oil and steamed eggs. 

As long as two people sit together, there is an endless array of dragons. 

One day, while Xiao Xia was at home, the teacher asked her tentatively, "what do you think of Deng Zhiyuan?" 

"you ask Brother Deng? 

He is a very nice person, kind-hearted, warm and sincere to others, active and willing to do his work! " 

Xiao Xia answered without thinking. 

"since he's a nice guy, do you love him?" 

The teacher's wife went straight into the forced question. 


Love, love him. 

I don't know him, he. 

Love, whether you love me or not. " 

When Xiao Xia stuttered, his face turned red. 

The teacher's wife no longer speaks. 

The next day, the teacher stopped his apprentice Xiao Deng, who had just left work, and said, "Zhiyuan, wait a minute, let me ask you something." 

Xiao Deng immediately stopped, turned his head, and asked, "Madam, if there is anything I can do for you, please feel free to ask." 

The teacher's wife said, "in fact, it's no big deal. I'd like to ask, what do you think of Xiao Xia?" 

Xiao Deng said, "Miss Xiaoxia is quite good, handsome, virtuous and capable, and considerate and caring about people!" 

"do you like her?" 

The teacher's wife continued to ask. 

"Madam, what do you mean? why are you asking me this?" 

He asked suddenly. 

Xiao Deng wanted to say he liked it right away, but he couldn't say it in front of his wife and deliberately said he didn't like it. 

"you don't like it, do you? 

Little Xia Tuo, I introduced her to a boyfriend. I think the pony who has just been transferred to our factory is not bad. He is an undergraduate with knowledge and culture. 

OK, I'll introduce Xiao Xia to him now. " 

The teacher's wife walked as she spoke. 

As soon as Xiao Deng was worried to death, he quickly went up and held on to her clothes and begged loudly, "Madam, don't go." 

I, I like Miss Xiaoxia, really, really like her! " 

The teacher's wife returned to her body and mind. "since you like her so much, I won't introduce her to another boyfriend." 


Under the matchmaking of the teacher's mother, Xiao Deng, and Xiao Xia openly defined their romantic relationship. 

Six months later, under the control of the master and his wife, he chose an auspicious day of the zodiac to give the couple a wedding in a five-star luxury hotel in the city center. during the preparations for the wedding, Gao Feifei, as a good friend, took the initiative to help. 

The wedding day was very lively, and many people came to attend the wedding. in addition to the parents, relatives, and friends of Xiao Deng and Xiao Xia, there were also the owners of large and small businesses dealing with Director Chen, as well as many staff and workers of our factory. even Vice Mayor Gao came specially to congratulate him.