The love of a bartender-4

/October 2021

The wedding of Xiao Deng and Xiao Xia was a great success. 

After a warm, solemn, and festive wedding ceremony, the master and his wife led them to propose a toast to the wedding guests at each table. 

They first came to the VIP table and were the first to propose a toast to Vice Mayor Gao. 

Under the introduction of the master, Director Chen, Xiao Deng respectfully handed over the glass filled with white wine with both hands. He and Xiao Xia picked up the cup full of drinks and were about to say something when they were suddenly pushed away by Vice Mayor Gao politely: "No!" 

no way! 

This is the wedding day. How can the bride and groom drink drinks instead of liquor? 

Immediately change the glass and pour white wine to drink together! " 

"Vice Mayor Gao, if Xiao Deng doesn't know how to drink, why don't you let him have a drink?" 

Director Chen immediately came forward to plead for mercy to his apprentice. 

"can't drink? 

This is a joke! it's a lie! 

Which man from the winery doesn't drink? " 

Vice Mayor Gao waved his hand and shook his head in disbelief. 

"Xiao Deng, I don't know how to drink. 

Even though he deals with thousands of tons of liquor every day, as long as he drinks one or two spirits, he will get drunk immediately! " 

Director Chen went on to explain, "the wine blending work he does is both special and important. Every time he blends wine, he only tastes the wine and smells the aroma, and always maintains the high sensitivity of taste and smell." 

"well, Lao Chen, don't say any more. I understand all your explanation!" 

Vice Mayor Gao picked up the wine bottle and three wine glasses, cheerfully turned to the podium, filled the three wine glasses, and said loudly to the loudspeaker, "Today is a beautiful day for a great celebration. I borrow flowers to offer Buddha. I propose three glasses of wine to the wedding operator and the married person: the first glass of wine congratulates the bride and groom on their marriage, happiness, growing old together, and giving birth to a noble son at an early age." 

The second cup of wine congratulates the meritorious minister, Comrade Deng Zhiyuan, the master of wine blending, who has made a great contribution to the development of our city's famous wine production; the third cup of wine congratulates the factory director Chen Jichuan and his wife for training nationally famous outstanding talents for the wine-making cause of our city! " 

With that, he raised his neck and drank the liquor in the three cups upside down. 

All of a sudden, the audience burst into thunderous applause and applause, standing up together to raise a glass to their family happiness and brilliant career, congratulations, and blessings.

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