The love of a girl

/September 2021

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The girl falls in love with a boy and always goes to meet the boy. 

But to meet this side is not easy, because boys and girls are not in the same place, they are more than 400 kilometers apart. 

The girl usually takes the 7 o'clock bus in the morning and arrives at the boy's place at about 7 o'clock in the evening. 

It is said that more than 400 kilometers will take less than ten hours, but the road is not good and the road is bumpy. 

Therefore, it is not easy for girls to meet boys. 

In other words, it is hard for a girl to see a boy every time. 

But the power of love is huge, the girl is not afraid of hardships, almost every weekend. 

But go in a hurry, and return in a hurry. 

When a girl sees a boy, she can only stay with him for one night. 

Early the next morning, the girl had to catch the 7: 00 bus back. 

The places where girls and boys are located are small county towns, and this is the only train going back and forth every day. 

The boy and the girl had to break up even if they were reluctant to part, because they missed the train at 7 o'clock in the morning, so the girl couldn't get back to work. 

And the girl happens to be a person who is very serious about her work, she will not and do not want to delay her work because of love. 

For a long time, girls are like this, go out on Saturday morning, come back on Sunday night, two days back and forth, to ride more than 20 hours, should be very tired, but the girl does not feel tired, she only feels very sweet. 

This Saturday, the girl got on the bus again at 7: 00 in the morning and rushed to the boy. 

But it was a bad day, and the car broke down all the way. 

By 8 o'clock in the evening, the car broke down completely and couldn't move. 

This place is still 50 kilometers from the county where the boy is located. 

The driver took the man to a small restaurant by the side of the road. 

Let everyone eat here for the night. 

The girl won't spend the night here. She went on her way alone after dinner. 

The girl wanted to stop a car on the road, but there were very few cars at that time. The girl walked all night and didn't see many cars passing from behind. 

Even these cars didn't stop, and the girl didn't get on the bus as she wanted. 

In this way, the girl walked all night before she arrived. 

It was past six o'clock in the morning when the girl saw the boy. 

The girl walked hard all night, saw the boy, but had no time to stay with the boy, because the girl was soon sitting on the return bus. 

The above love story is told by wheat. People who know wheat have heard this story. 

In other words, Mai has told this love story to many people. 

But most people are not impressed or interested in this story. 

Once wheat was told to a boy, and the boy heard it and only said that the girl was stupid. 

Once again, wheat also told a boy. After hearing this, the boy still said that the girl was really stupid. 

On another occasion, wheat said that a boy said that this was an old love story. Now, there is no such stupid girl. 

Mac has scolded people for this. 

There is one exception. 

When Mai finished speaking, the boy who listened to the story looked very moved. 

He said that the girl was really amazing. He said that the boy suddenly looked at the wheat very seriously and said, "do you know that girl?" 

Wheat nodded. 

The boy said, "I want to see her very much. Can you take me there?" 

Wheat nodded again. 

Wheat later took the boy, but the boy didn't see the girl. Wheat told the boy that the above story was actually a fictional novel made up by a writer, and she didn't know who the girl was. 

So she couldn't take the boy to see the girl. 

The boy was a little disappointed. 

But Mai didn't let the boy down. She said, "didn't you see me?" 

The boy understood the meaning of this sentence. 

Wheat fell in love with the boy in this way, the boy looks ordinary, not as good as wheat. 

Someone asked Mac why he wanted such a boy to be his boyfriend. 

The boy himself thought the same way. One day, the boy asked Mai why he chose him as his boyfriend. 

Wheat smiled and replied, "I think the boy in the novel is you." 

The boy smiled, and the boy said, "that girl in the novel is you."