The Love of Figel-1

/October 2021

Fergie grew up in an orphanage and was abandoned at the gate of the orphanage less than a week after she was born. 

Her special background made her withdrawn, and the year she graduated from nursing school, she fell in love with Bill, a street gangster. 

Fergie gave up the chance to go to work in the hospital, followed Bill to smoke, drink, fight, and went to steal convenience stores. 

This depraved life, supported by love, made her unrepentant. 

When the love was strong, she and Bill went to get tattoos, and they wrote the same black butterfly on their right shoulder. 

On one occasion, Figel and his gang went to rob a convenience store. They were found and called the police, and the police car roared in. 

Fergie fell to the ground and could not stand because she sprained her ankle, but Bill left her and ran away with the rest of her companions. 

Seeing that the police were about to arrive, Fergie cried hopelessly because she didn't want to go to the penitentiary. 

The shopkeeper was an old lady who had been huddled in the corner from beginning to end. 

At the moment the police rushed in, the old lady suddenly rushed over to hold Figel. She told the policeman that she had hired Fergie to work in a convenience store. 

The police turned to hunt down the fugitive, and Fergie narrowly escaped. 

Afterwards, the old lady bandaged her wound and told her to mend her ways in the future. 

After this incident, Figel suddenly looked like a different person, and she drew a clear line with the group of bad friends and put an end to that decadent life. 

But Bill often harassed her and didn't give her a chance to turn over a new leaf. 

Finally, Fergie had to leave her hometown and come to a faraway town called Glass. 

The folklore of Glass town is very good. People here live and work in peace and contentment. Figel works as a nurse in a clinic in the town. She likes the job very much. 

In addition to work, she also uses her rest time to volunteer to help those in need. Fergie feels the value of life. 

Gradually, people in the town fell in love with the nurse who was smiling all the time. 

One day at noon, a young man named Blair was sent to the clinic. He was hit on the head by a falling object and lost a lot of blood. 

Fergie helped him clean the wound, bandage it, and put it on an intravenous drip. 

When she knew that no family had come to pick up Blair, she personally sent him home. 

Hearing that Blair was a local councilman, Fergie immediately asked him to set up a volunteer club in the town, because there was no volunteer organization in the town so far. 

Blair was embarrassed, after all, there was too much to prepare for setting up a club, but he promised Fergie that he would do his best.

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