The Love of Figel-2

/October 2021

More than a year later, Blair's application was finally approved, and the town had its volunteer club, and Blair recommended Fergie as the person in charge. 

In addition to taking care of the lonely elderly and poor children, the volunteer group even took in cats and dogs who roamed the streets. 

Figel's good deeds became more and more known to people, and finally, she was reported by local television stations that people affectionately called her "lucky angel". 

Blair was so attracted by Fergie's kindness and beauty that he began to pursue her. 

However, Fergie felt that she was not worthy of the perfect Blair, so she politely refused. 

The infatuated Blair didn't give up. He sent flowers to the clinic every day and insisted on volunteering with Fergie. 

Blair's infatuation was spread by everyone, and Fergie was finally moved and agreed to marry him. 

On the first night of the wedding, Blair found the tattoo on his wife's right shoulder and asked Fergie, "Honey, what is this?" 

Fergie smiled and replied, "this is a butterfly, dear." 

"of course I know it's a butterfly, but why do you write a black butterfly?" 

Blair is a little curious. 

Fergie didn't dare to tell her past, so she told a lie and said, "on the day I was born, there were a lot of butterflies in my garden, and they were all black." 

To commemorate that beautiful moment, I especially wrote a butterfly. " 

Blair became more and more curious when he heard this, and from then on he regarded the butterfly as a treasure. 

Seeing that her husband had no doubts, Fergie breathed a sigh of relief secretly. 

One day, a strange man came to the small town of Glass and he found Mr. Blair. 

The strange man looks like a street gangster-yes, he is Bill! 

Bill saw the report about Figel on TV, and he found the town of Glass with ulterior motives. 

He's coming to uncover Fergie's scars, and he's going to tell Blair that his wife used to be a thief and a rogue bitch!

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