The Love of Figel-3

/October 2021

Bill found out about Fergie's house and stood outside the fence waiting. 

At dusk, Blair came back. 

"Hey, mister!" 

Bill whistled triumphantly, walked up to Blair, and said, "I think you're interested in the black butterfly on your wife's right shoulder?" 

Do you want me to tell you where it came from? " 

Blair looked at the bully warily, and all sorts of complicated thoughts sprang up in his mind: who is this man? 

Why did he come to me all the way? 

What exactly is the relationship between him and my wife? 

The clever Blair had guessed seven or eight points in his mind, but he was not sure yet. 

The shameless Bill said again, "Sir, you have been deceived by Fergie!" 

She is not a pure woman at all, she followed me a long time ago, and we went to rob and steal together. 

She used to love me to death, don't you believe? 

The butterfly on her right shoulder is the best proof. " 

After listening to Bill, Blair said coldly, "Thank you very much for telling me this, sir." 

But I'm sorry to disappoint you. My wife and I already told me all this when we first met. 

I know better than anyone what kind of person my wife is. 

If you are interesting, please get out of here at once! " 

After listening to Blair, Bill had nothing to say and finally had to go away in despair. 

Looking at the back of the scoundrel, Blair thought: fortunately, my wife can't go home today, otherwise she would be so sad! 

Fergie stayed in the volunteer group on purpose that day, because Bill had looked for her before he looked for Blair. 

Fergie knew that Bill was going to uncover her past, but she still wouldn't agree to Bill's request to go back to him, continue to be a gangster, or give him a "confidentiality fee". 

Fergie refused to compromise. She let Bill tell her husband the truth and left everything to fate. 

As the days went by, Blair never mentioned what Bill had done. 

At last, Fergie couldn't help it. She mentioned the black butterfly several times. She wanted to tell Blair the truth. 

However, Blair always interrupted her in time: "Oh, honey, do you mean our black butterfly?" 

It was given to me by God! " 

Blair's flattered tone made Figel both moved and happy. she knew her husband loved him so much that she didn't have the heart to let her look back on her sad past. 

Fergie finally decided not to tell the secret of the black butterfly all her life, pretending not to know that Bill had found a husband.

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