The love of my parents-2

/October 2021

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She kept warm food for him after he slammed the door and left home. 

When he didn't come home late at night for work, she kept the lamp for him and waited for him to go to bed. 

She goes to great lengths to cook the most delicious food for him on his birthday every year. 

She took care of him day and night when he was ill. 

When it is cloudy and rainy, she will think about taking his bird back to the house. 

When she was shopping in the flower market, she wanted to buy the flowers he liked. 

She cleaned the room without complaint after his friend came to the house to drink and have fun. 

She was by his side to encourage him when he was at the bottom of his life. 

Although he never celebrated his wedding anniversary with her, he bought her a box of beautiful and valuable ruby jewelry when he was on a business trip one year. 

Although he never made any promises, when she suffered the greatest pain of her life, he held her by the shoulder and said, "and me." 

Although he usually seems indifferent to her, he still worries about her silently every time she goes out for a party and comes home late. 

Although he is a little small-bellied as she said, he will give her all his salary every time. 

Although he didn't make a difference in his career, he still worked hard for the family. 

Although he sometimes had so many problems that she was too lazy to complain, she still did not regret her present life. 

Today, my parents are still arguing about the way they wear pants. 

"how many times have I told you not to lift the waist of your trousers so high! 

It looks old-fashioned! " 

Mother pointed to the new trousers that Dad had just bought. 

"I'm used to it." 

Dad lifted his pants happily in front of the mirror and added, "the pants seem a little tight." 

"Don't be picky. Baggy pants are not in fashion now. They all fit." 

My mother smiled when she saw her father put on the trousers she bought, but when she saw him unconsciously lifting his trousers, she frowned again. "only if you lower the waist of your trousers will you look good." 

Dad held his breath and pulled his pants down. My mother got up and went to the mirror and said, "turn around. I'll see if it's tight. I'll change it quickly when it's tight." 

Dad turned around, bent the corners of his mouth, and said, "it's not tight, it fits." 

Mother looked at her father and smiled. 

The sun shone on them with a soft halo. 

Slowly, warmth and beauty also sprouted in the contradictions and estrangement that grew over time. 

No matter how many restless elements are beating in there, there are my dearest and greatest parents and my warmest and safest home. 

I know your love, and I can see your love. 

I know your love, and I also know that it is a kind of love that I don't know how to express.