The love of my parents-1

/October 2021

In my memory, the relationship between my parents has not been very good, they are like a pair of enemies. 

In retrospect, I have hardly ever seen them go out hand in hand. 

I have never seen them celebrate holidays such as wedding anniversaries, and even the two rarely speak softly. 

When I was a child, I saw them quarrel as often as I ate. 

So, in most cases, my sister and I hold the attitude of a bystander, neither telling them not to quarrel nor being too scared to hide in the room and dare not go out. 

Once, they quarreled so loudly that they broke things and asked for a divorce. 

Mother shouted at the top of her voice: "divorce!" 


If I live with you again, my last name will not be Shu! 

Do you believe it? " 

Dad was so angry that he threw the bowl on the ground and slammed the door. 

When I closed the door, I heard my father growling outside: "Let's go, let's go, let's get out of here!" 

Don't scare me with divorce! 

Who can't live without it? " 

Mother put down the dishes and chopsticks with red eyes and went back to the room. She closed the door, and I could still hear her heavy sigh. 

After everything was quiet, I listened carefully and could hear my mother sobbing softly in the room. 

When I got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, I saw my mother with the porch light on and the other door unlocked. 

The leftovers on the table were covered with a pair of clean bowls and chopsticks. 

The pieces of white rice and porcelain bowl that Dad dropped on the ground have been cleaned up. 

After a while, I heard the sound of someone opening the door. 

Then came a crumbling sound from the kitchen. 

"Dad is back." 

My sister turned on the lamp and took a look. 

I gently lifted the corner of the quilt and my eyes were stung by the warm yellow light. 

The hour and minute hands pointed impartially to 11:00 in the evening. 

I wiped the tears from the corners of my eyes and secretly prayed that they would stop quarreling. 

My parents were neither childhood sweethearts nor schoolmates but met through a very traditional blind date. 

When the two were old enough to get married, after their parents asked someone to introduce them, they made an appointment to see a movie. 

The first time we met, my father left a very bad impression on my mother. 

When my mother recalls it now, she will complain and say, "your father fell asleep when he watched the movie, not to mention how rude he was!" 

The two haven't been in touch since they met. 

We met again half a year later when my mother's classmate got married and both my parents went to the wedding. 

So the two men began to get in touch again, and they could not say any specific reasons. after getting along for some time, there was no big difference between them, and the parents of both sides were satisfied, so they obtained the license. 

This kind of marriage sounds like no love, no ideal, no enthusiasm, only a responsibility maintained by law and tradition. 

I often think that maybe their union was a mistake in the first place. 

So later unhappiness is also taken for granted. 

People of my parent's generation did not believe in constellations, but the zodiac. 

Father belongs to chicken, mother belongs to a dog, two people together is "chicken and dog restless", full "enemy road is narrow"! 

In addition, my father is the kind of person who doesn't know how to be interesting and romantic, so my mother has accumulated a lot of complaints over the years. 

When I was a child, my mother most often instilled in my sister and me, "Don't be like your father."Don't marry someone like your father." 

What kind of person is Dad? 

Is a person who does not understand romance, has no mood, but will work hard for a family's livelihood. 

What kind of person is my mother? 

Is a hard-working and uncomplaining person who will put his family first in everything he does. 

Both of them are people who don't know how to express their love. 

My mother used to say, "if you've been here for half your life, you can make do with it for the rest of your life." 

Mom uses us as an excuse to spend her life with Dad. Even if he asks Dad, he will say the same thing to us, but we can still clearly see the softest and kindest part of Mom's heart. We can also see the softest and most considerate side of Dad's heart.

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