The love swan song on the cliff

/September 2021

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On the morning of October 23rd, 2007, Wood Davell and Stein Bini hiked to the White Mountains, a famous primeval forest reserve in the United States. Bini, 32, is a Ph.D. student majoring in archaeology at Harvard University, and Davell, 31, is a third-year graduate student majoring in economics at Harvard University. They got married on August 15, 2007.

The White Mountains, the swan song of love on a cliff, are located at the junction of New Hampshire and Maine, covering more than 3,000 square kilometers in Fiona Fang. There are steep mountains and dense jungles, with the main peak of 1916 meters and the vertical valley as deep as 1000 meters. In a year, June to October is the best time for sightseeing, and the mountains are covered with thick snow at other times.

After preparing climbing ropes, water, food, and first aid medicine, the Davies began to set out for the mountain peak. At three o'clock in the afternoon, they came to a cliff as high as kilometers. When he saw a beautiful Pinus tabulaeformis tree on the edge of the cliff, Davell unloaded his mountaineering bag and asked his wife to take a picture of him. To get a better shooting angle, Davell sat on an obliquely protruding branch, only to find that the branch suddenly broke, and Davell shook and fell back, then fell into the cliff.

Bini was stunned by this terrible scene. She shouted her husband's name in horror, approached the cliff, looked down with her probe, and heard her husband calling her name intermittently. Bini looked carefully and found that her husband was caught by a vine. The vine grows on the cliff, with its trunk full of bowl and branches extending. Darwell's face is up, his left hand grips the vine, his right-hand droops feebly, his feet instinctively hook on the vine, and his body is a deep valley as deep as kilometers.

Bini loudly encouraged her husband to hold on, and she would save him. The mountainous terrain here is dangerous, with cliffs on three sides, so Bini can't get close to Darwell. Bini took out her cell phone in her backpack. Fortunately, it has a signal. Bini hurriedly called the US Alpine Joint Rescue Center for help. Because she could not tell the specific location, rescuers had to send helicopters to search and check along the cliff.

Bini squatted on the cliff and shouted to David: "You have to hold on, the rescuers will come soon." Davell has been hanging on the cane, and the gray sweatpants on his left leg have been torn apart, and there is a long wound on his leg. "My leg is still bleeding," Davell said. "I'm afraid it won't last long." Darwell's body kept shaking, and Bini was anxious, so her husband could not support it. At this time, it was already 4 p.m., and the sky gradually dimmed.

Wife bravely went down the cliff to save her husband

Bini began to rescue her. She opened Davell's backpack and took out a climbing rope. She planned to put the rope down and let Davell climb up, but Davell's right hand was broken and she couldn't push hard. Bini decided to build a tree ladder to approach Davell so that she not only had a chance to dress her husband's wounds but also helped him climb up the ladder to the top of the mountain.

Bini came to the big tree, sawed-off some branches with the Swiss army knife she carried with her, then cut the branches into short sticks of the same length, and then cut the ropes she brought into a tree ladder. After the tree ladder was completed, she cut down several long and thick vines and tied the tree ladder to the big tree with vines to fix it. It rained lightly in the sky, and the mountains became slippery. Bini lowered the ladder along the cliff near Devil and then walked down the tree ladder slowly. "Don't do this, it's too dangerous!" Davell shouted laboriously Bini didn't flinch. Worried that seeing the deep valley would cause panic and affect the safety of going down the ladder, Bini tried to look up and take a deep breath every time she took the next step. Because of the rain, the surface of rattan is very smooth, and it may slip into a cliff if you are careless.

Just when Bini was 3 meters away from Dowell, her left foot slipped on the crossbar, causing her feet to break away from the tree ladder. Bini's hands clung to a crossbar on her head, her feet searched for the ladder wood in horror, and her thin body kept shaking in the wind and rain.

"Bini, don't shake your body, stop!" Darwell's reminder made Bini quiet quickly. She stopped struggling, and then the tree ladder stopped shaking. Soon, Bini's feet stepped on the tree ladder again. She bowed up and walked down the tree ladder trembling.

After about 20 minutes, Bini finally got close to Davell. "Dear, are you all right?" Tears glistened in Bini's eyes. "It's too dangerous. You shouldn't have come down." "We climbed up together." Bini held out a hand to her husband and tried to pull him up the tree ladder, but his condition was far worse than she thought. Darwell's left leg wound is still bleeding, his right hand can't move, and the severe pain of broken bone is killing him.

"Bini, go up quickly. I'm afraid you won't be able to go up when it rains heavily." David tried to persuade his wife. "Since you can't climb up, I will stay here with you and wait for rescuers," Bini said firmly. "No, you can't wait here to die!" Will yelled. "David, stop talking. I'm your wife. How can we be separated? Besides, we can encourage and help each other."

Bini approached her husband and bandaged his wound with hemostatic and gauze. She leaned one foot from the tree ladder to the mountain vine where Will climbed and sat on it carefully. Then she took out some ropes reserved in her bag and tied her husband's legs and waist to the vine stem to prevent him from falling off the cliff.

Just as Bini tried to fix her husband's broken arm, the tree ladder was blown back and forth by the mountain wind and hit the cliff, making a "snapped" sound. Soon, the rope tied to the node of the tree ladder came loose, and the crossbar fell apart one after another. Bini looked at her husband in horror and cried: "My God, what can I do?"

Due to the loss of blood and great physical exertion, Davell even lost the strength to grasp the vine stem. The rain is still falling, and the temperature in the mountains is getting lower and lower. Bini takes off her coat and covers her husband, who is shaking with cold, to protect him from the cold and rain. To prevent her husband from falling asleep, she said loudly to her husband, "Every time you drive, you always want me to sing My Heart Eternity. Let's sing it together this time." The couple hummed while crying: "My heart goes with you and follows you ... For the last moment of my life, I don't want to lose it forever ..."

After a long time of heavy burden and strong wind, the vine supporting the couple began to droop slowly. The roots of the vines rooted in the cliffs began to loosen, and the rocks and soil kept falling, which made the Davies nervous. Bini's face went white, and she gripped Davell's arm tightly. "Shantung can't bear our weight. God, what should I do?"

Leave the hope of life to the husband

Davell tried to stay awake and encouraged Bini: "I believe good luck is with us!" Bini cried in despair: "Dear God, if you exist, please give us a little more time ..." Davell said softly: "If you persist, we will all live, and we will have a baby." Bini kissed the back of her husband's hand and burst into tears: "No matter what happens, I will always love you."

At this time, cracks appeared in the rocks around the root of the vine, and the situation became more and more critical. Darwell said to Bini: "Listen to me, I have been seriously injured, and I am a cripple to live. We can't both die, but one must live ..." Darwell asked Bini to untie the rope on his leg, and Bini suddenly understood his mind. She grabbed her husband and cried: "No, you are still young, you must live!" Darwell was so heartbroken that he couldn't speak.

Bini calmed down, and she begged her husband with red eyes: "Dear, you have to live, and I will be your wife in the next life." Darwell trembled and gasped. Bini was silent for a moment, then suddenly let go of her hands and jumped down to the deep valley of kilometers. Darwell cried hysterically: "No! Than ni ... "

At 4: 30 p.m., the rescue helicopter finally appeared over the top of David's head, and David was rescued on the cliff. Subsequently, rescuers turned on searchlights to search for Bini at the bottom of the cliff. After nearly three hours of searching, Bini's body was found beside a mountain stream at the bottom of the cliff. Bini's left hand was clutching something, which was half gauze used to bandage her husband's wound ...

In memory of his wife, Davell changed his name to Armand Stein Davell, and he put his beloved wife's name in his name. Darwell also consulted with his parents, and the whole family moved to live near Bini's parents' home so that he could do filial piety for Bini.

After being reported by Chicago Tribune and other media, Bini's story of saving her husband's life aroused strong repercussions. Many people went to Bini's alma mater, laid flowers with tears, remembered the great wife, and called her "the pride of American women". In memory of Bini, on October 27, 2007, a foundation named after Stein Bini was set up in the Hall of Harvard Memorial Hall.