The love that fell upstairs

/October 2021

He fell in love with a girl, but he didn't know how to get close to her. 

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He found out about her neighborhood and knew that there were no residents upstairs, so he moved in without saying a word. 

Just hope to meet her occasionally and get closer to her. 

But he has lived here for several days and hasn't seen her in the elevator. 

Upon inquiry, I found out that her working hours were different from those of him. 

One day, he finished washing his clothes and went to the balcony. Accidentally, his clothes fell onto the balcony downstairs. 

He was about to lose his temper when he thought that this was not a chance to get close to her. 

He arrived at her door and knocked softly. She happened to be at home. 

"what can I do for you?" 

"excuse me, I dropped my clothes on your balcony. Come and take it," he said apologetically. 

When I entered her house, it was the girl's room, and there was pink everywhere. 

Pink wallpaper, pink doll. 

He took his clothes and left her house. 

A few days later, his clothes fell downstairs one after another, and he went to get them one after another. 

In this way she was used to it, and they began to get to know each other. 

Sometimes, the clothes fell off again, and when she saw that they were dirty, she happened to wash them herself and helped with them. 

She sometimes cooks and occasionally asks him to eat. 

Over time, through the understanding of each other, they began to know each other and love each other. 

After they fell in love, the clothes never fell from upstairs again. 

She asked, "Why didn't the clothes fall off these days? 

Have you learned your lesson? " 

He laughed, "because I don't need it anymore." 

It was only then that she realized that all this was premeditated, but she liked the premeditation and the love that fell from upstairs.