The love train does not stop-3

/November 2021

They graduated at the age of 24 and rented a small house in the city together. 

Feelings are on and off. 

Probably because of his different personality, he yearns for passion, but she is used to being calm. 

How can such extreme two people last long? 

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He began to have an affair with other girls frequently and even asked his brother to find her, but she said faintly that I knew. 

Continue to water the roses on the windowsill, she does not know, she knows that the girl around him will not appear a second time, he knows that her ruthless means only looks gentle and kind on the surface. 

He also went home and yelled at her, saying that he had no right to interfere in my life. 

You can either take it or get out. 

When preaching, she even punched and kicked and slammed the door, wiping tears behind her but not crying. 

In the evening, she would go to the pub to humbly apologize to him, and then makeup and apologize for breaking up and apologizing like two straps of shoes tied together but inseparable from each other. 

At the age of 25, she worked as an editor in a famous magazine. He became a manager in her father's company, and their friends got married one after another. 

She also beat around the bush to mention the problem, and he was always perfunctory. 

Once he went shopping with her perfunctorily but left her to find another woman. 

The only time she quarreled with him and beat him like crazy. 

When he was asked why he did this, after smashing everything he could in the room, he sneered at her and slammed the door as usual. 

She sat in a daze in the dilapidated room. 

The blood of the feet and hands were tied by the glass. 

That night he brought a strange woman to the house, who did not turn on the light or escape, listening to the intermittent groans of the room until dawn on the sofa in the living room. 

She made him breakfast and went to the magazine. He texted her that we broke up, and he didn't call or text back. 

Three days later, she called him in a haggard voice. She said if you would accompany me to see a movie, he could not refuse. 

She was suddenly shocked when she saw her eyes red and swollen but smiling at the gate of the cinema that day. 

He almost forgot that she was also a beautiful and eye-catching girl, but she had been standing beside him in silence all these years. 

She wore a touch of makeup. 

A white georgette dress with long hair and waist she took his hand as sweetly as any girl in love and smiled as sweet as candy.