The love train does not stop-4

/November 2021

The most memorable movie was 20xx, who gently put her head on his shoulder and watched silently as the Eiffel Tower fell, and she let out a sigh as if nothing had happened. 

He turned to look at her and thought for a moment that time would stop. 

Her eyes were a little wet when she came out. She said, can you carry me across the street? 

I couldn't see her expression as if she had been bewitched. He could feel the hot liquid on his back falling on his skin. Towards the end, she said, let's break up. 

Then she jumped off his back and walked forward without looking back. 

He stared blankly at her back, so thin. 

I remember that there was almost no weight when I first carried her as if I would be blown down by a gust of wind. 

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Suddenly there is a desire to hug, but never catch up. 

She suddenly pulled away from his life as if she had disappeared out of thin air, thinking that it was a play of hard to get, and how could she let him go overnight if she had been pestering him for so many years. 

She disappeared for a month, but he just didn't care but felt uneasy. 

I'm still free. I'm glad no one bothers him at last. 

After she disappeared for two months, he couldn't pick up the energy to go out to play, and he didn't go home to watch it again. He began to devote himself to his work but looked at his cell phone in a daze as if he were looking forward to something. 

Three months after she disappeared, he began to feel as if something was missing and he was not used to it. 

He is used to having someone do his laundry for him, unlike the smell of shoddy laundry powder in the laundry, and it is customary for someone to send him boring and unnecessary text messages every other hour. 

Although most of the time he deletes the habit without looking at it. 

There is a man at home who can smell the food when he cleans up the house and can master all his hobbies, both like and dislike. Everything he likes is better than that of a restaurant. 

It is customary to have a man who sleeps beside him at night without making any noise. He kicks the quilt in the middle of the night and covers it for him. 

And I curled up in the corner to prevent him from catching a cold and even got used to seeing his back when he went out to play and dealt with others besides her for him when he was messing around.