The love train does not stop-5

/November 2021

He was grumpy and planned to viciously question her where she had gone, but she had a sweet voice on the other end of the phone. I'm sorry the phone you dialed has been turned off, so he dropped his cell phone angrily. 

She disappeared for four months and many people gave him gifts for his birthday, and he didn't go to give him a party. 

The ghost returned to their original little house, tidy. It seemed that she had come back. 

But the ground has been covered with a thick layer of dust, he walked around and found that she did not take anything, only their previous photos and her personal belongings. 

The roses on the windowsill seem to have not been watered for a long time, with some signs of withering. 

He suddenly felt that the little room was so empty that there was an echo of every breath, and he could not imagine that she had been sitting alone in the morning when he was hanging out with his friends on his birthday. 

Put the cake that no one eats in the refrigerator, but the gift for him on the table and go to work tired. 

He stood in the unlit room and suddenly a drop of hot liquid came out of his eyes. 

It was only then that he realized that she was almost suffocated at the moment when she was like air around him without a sense of existence, but he was so arrogant that he was unwilling to bow his head and throw in the towel. 

At the age of 26, five months after she disappeared, he accepted his father's arrangement for a business marriage with another woman. 

Their rapid engagement and even hype in the newspaper everyone knows that everyone knows to get married in December. 

With a last-ditch attitude, he waited for her initiative to admit his mistake and begged him to come back, so he could reluctantly accept it in a high profile, but there was no news for two months that the wedding day was chosen on Christmas Day. 

He remembers that she had told him that she hoped to marry him in the snowy Christmas church one day. 

Walking along the long red carpet together, you can reach the white head with snowflakes floating on your head. 

He had laughed at her disdainfully for a long time. 

He was absent-minded all day, and it happened to be snowing this Christmas. 

He kept smiling in his eyes as the beautiful bride walked arm in arm.

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