The love train does not stop-7

/November 2021

At the age of 24 and 25, he regretted his decision all the time, so he changed ways to torture her. 

If you're not happy, scold her for hitting her and smashing things. 

More dissolute life than before, looking at her tears, looking at her haggard, looking at her sadness like an addiction. 

Her meaning to him is limited to babysitting, venting, free kindness, attendants, and friends. 

He knew that every year his birthday would wait until early in the morning and he never remembered her birthday. 

It is such a dream to be able to find just the right wedding dress for small bust for that special event. Our collection has now made it super cool to get your choice.

He knows that her salary is not high, but he spends his money on designer clothes every time, but he wears stalls. 

He knew that she was afraid of walking at night, had night blindness, and fell many times every time she came home, but he didn't bother to pick her up. 

He knew she had stomach trouble and would vomit a lot. 

However, he did not buy medicine for her once when she was too painful to walk. She held on. 

He knew she would be allergic to the smell of mango. 

But forced her to make a salad because she wanted to eat. 

He has a lot of things he knows and a lot of things he doesn't know, and he doesn't want to explore. 

And when she is used to giving, he is used to accepting it. 

And over the years, she has been buried deep in his body like a prank, and now she suddenly woke up, and the spell to solve the problem is that I love you. 

I found a lot of places where she would go before. I also went to the magazine but got the news that she had quit her job a long time ago. I called many times. This time the number you dialed directly is empty. 

Fear seeped out of his heart, grabbed his fragile heart, and finally went back to his old cabin and knocked on the door without answering. 

I don't know how long it took for a figure with an umbrella to come from the vast expanse of whiteness. 

It was not her who beat the drum in his heart. She was a beautiful girl with red and swollen eyes. He was a little surprised to see him. 

She took something out of her bag and gave it to him to read carefully it was a letter. 

The girl asked him angrily, are you, Mr. Gu Yi?