The love train does not stop-8

/November 2021

Fear seeped out of his heart, grabbed his fragile heart, and finally went back to his old cabin and knocked on the door without answering. 

I don't know how long it took for a figure with an umbrella to come from the vast expanse of whiteness. 

It was not her who beat the drum in his heart. She was a beautiful girl with red and swollen eyes. He was a little surprised to see him. 

She took something out of her bag and gave it to him to read carefully it was a letter. 

The girl asked him angrily, are you, Mr. Gu Yi? 

There you are, he frowned. The girl went on to say that Su Yi asked me to come here two months ago to give it to you. I didn't expect you to be here. 

He felt as if he had a flower in his heart. 

His voice trembled. Do you know where she is now? 

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The girl strangely looked at him and then said slowly that you don't know? 

Seeing his face stunned, she went on to say that she went to the hospital seven months ago to check for advanced gastric cancer. She went to the hospital six months ago. Two months ago, you and your fiancee were engaged. She asked me to give you this letter. She died at Christmas. 

Seven months ago, she first quarreled with him and watched a movie calmly, and then broke up with him. 

She quit her job six months ago and left his life with all her memories. 

How much grief it took to see the news of his engagement two months ago to write this last letter. 

Trembling, he opened the letter, tears wet the black pen Juanxiu had frequently appeared in his workbook. 

I knew you the moment I met you in the hallway. I love you for ten years.