The meeting 20 years later

/October 2021

In the third grade of primary school, Sudie, an angel girl, joined my class. 

We go to school and go home together every day. 

I was a naughty boy at that time, but when I was with Sudie, I was very shy. 

On Valentine's Day when we were in sixth grade, my buddies and I sent cards to each other, but somehow we didn't prepare them for Sudie. 

On the way home, Sudie became very silent. When she was about to break up, she took out a pink envelope from her schoolbag, put it in my hand, and crossed the road. 

I couldn't wait to run back to my bedroom and carefully opened the envelope with a knife. It was a handmade card with a lovely bear on the cover, shining stars above my head and surrounded by many hearts. 

Open the card and find "I love you" spelled out with light blue glue and covered with colorful fluorescent shavings. 

I looked at it for half an hour before I hid it on my desk. 

But that night, my brother Hongwei found the card. 

He was ecstatic as if he had discovered a new world and told everyone the news. 

Sudie and I were in a very embarrassing situation, and we began to walk on both sides of the road. 

A week later, because of the transfer of my father's job, our family had to move to Hebei. 

I stared at Sudie all night at the class farewell party for me, and she looked at me with tears in her eyes. 

On the bus home, Sudie sat next to me again, holding my hand tightly all the way. 

After getting out of the car, she went downstairs to my house. Sudie turned around and tears flowed to the corners of her mouth. 

Looking at her sad eyes, I tried my best to control the pain in my heart. "Sudie," I said, holding Sudie's cold little hand, "take care!" 

Sudie stood on tiptoe and gave me a deep kiss on the cheek, then wiped her tears and crossed the road. 

In this way, Sudie and I separated, and her petite figure has been lingering in my mind for 20 years. 

On Valentine's Day in 2008, when I was on a plane on a business trip, looking out of the window at the clouds, a thought popped out of the clouds: should I go to Sudie? 

I knew it wasn't an impulse, and I was determined to find her wherever fate's wings took her. 

I called my primary school classmates and got nothing. 

Later, my lawyer told me that I could ask the company for help. 

Less than an hour after the call, I received Sudie's address and phone number. 

To my surprise, Sudie also came to Hebei, still in the same city as me. 

Are you going to see her? 

I gently asked myself, will the good memories are hidden at the bottom of my heart be disappointed because of the reality? 

But if I stop here, then the rest of my life will be like wandering on the edge of a cliff and will never feel at ease. 

I didn't call Sudie. Only by putting it into words can I express me thoroughly without panic. 

"Dear Sudie," I finally picked up my pen, "I hope you haven't forgotten me." 

The next night, the phone suddenly rang, "of course I remember." 

It's Sudie's voice! 

No matter how big the change is, I can react to it in the first place. 


"you have a snow-white deuce dog, very tall and big, but I am not afraid of it at all." 


"you wear that gray Milan jacket to school every day, and even if it's hot and sweaty, you don't want to take it off." 

"Yes, exactly." 

"you made faces on the bus stop to amuse me because I had a lot of ugly pimples on my face during that time." 

Of course, I remember how many times I rehearsed in advance to make faces. 

We talked for more than an hour, and we all laughed when we talked about the tricks played on us by magnificent. 

Suddenly, there was no voice on Sudie's side, and tears ran down my smiling face. 

Later, she talked happily about her work, her husband, and two children, and I praised my wife, and finally, we agreed to meet this Saturday afternoon. 

"are you Mr. Chen Jue?" 

As I sat at the reserved table, a waiter came up to me and said, I nodded. 

"just now Miss Sudie called to say that she would be delayed by an hour because of a delay. Please forgive me." 

There is no doubt that this is good news for me. My internal organs have been stirred up in a pile these days. I took advantage of this hour to relieve myself. I walked out of the restaurant and walked slowly to the street, wondering why Sudie was late. 

The weather was cool and the breeze from time to time soothed me. 

All of a sudden, my brain seems to have a flash, why do I so diligently want to satisfy my selfish fantasy with a determined reality? 

I said to myself since I already know a lot about Sudie, isn't it better to keep a beautiful fantasy than to face an established reality? 

Across the street, I found a stationary store and bought stationery, blue glue, and some colored fluorescent shavings. 

On a stone step, I squatted down and wrote: 

Sudie, I'm sure we'll have a very pleasant evening. 

However, I have to give up this wonderful moment to come. 

I want to say to you, Sudie, thank you for the Valentine's Day card you sent me a long time ago. You made a boy have a real Valentine's Day for the first time. 

That card can't be matched by all the beautiful gifts in the world. 

Sudie, I will always think of you and the girl who first sent me a Valentine's Day card. 

I wish you happiness!

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