The most moving oblivion

/September 2021

Mr. St. John is a retired teacher. At the age of 62, he was hired back by his old school to do some housekeeping work.

Many people have some doubts about the school's practice: there are plenty of strong teachers, so why use an old man who is over 60 years old? But soon, people's doubts were dispelled. Mr. St. John works as well as anyone else. He is quick-thinking and eloquent. His desk is always in order. Items he keeps are labeled and then marked on the notebook. He often reminds those young people: "Hey, young man, it's time to return the book I borrowed last time." His memory is also good.

The most touching forgetting was soon discovered.

The first thing that Mr. St. John goes to the office every day is to drink water, then take out a small bottle from his briefcase, pour out a handful of medicine, put it in his mouth, lift his neck, and deliver it with water. His former colleagues are familiar with this habit. But now everyone finds out that after he walked into the office. I often drink saliva first, then call my wife: "luna, I left my medicine at home, please deliver it for me."

Half an hour later, Luna appeared in the office. She looked angry and handed him the medicine unfriendly. He didn't care. He looked at his wife's face and smiled and said "thank you". Luna's face is sallow and her hair is dry.

After watching him take his medicine, luna turned and left without greeting other colleagues. So someone teased him: "Don't forget to bring your medicine next time."

Another time, when St. John called luna, it was still sunny, but just less than 10 minutes after putting down the phone, the sky was overcast and it began to rain for a moment. St John looked out of the window in panic and kept calling home, but no one answered. He hurriedly opened the closet and took out an umbrella. When he was about to go out, the door opened and Luna appeared at the office door, soaking wet. St John greeted him with shame like a child who had done something wrong. When luna handed him the medicine, he almost growled and said, "you forgetful ghost!" Although luna was soaked to the skin, as usual, she watched St. John take the medicine before leaving.

After luna left, St. John stood quietly at the window for a long time. Colleagues thought that he was annoyed with his forgetfulness, and he would never forget to bring his medicine again next time.

But next time. Mr. St. John still goes his own way. So that everyone got used to it: luna appeared in the office half an hour after work.

Some people whisper that St. John is really old. It is also said that luna should be angry because he is always so forgetful. Others say that St. John's forgetfulness is a habit of luna, and she can not send medicine because he is not forgetful when he works.

It was two years later that I knew the truth. Two years later, Mr. St. John resigned. At that time, his amnesia seemed to be much better. luna rarely appeared in the office, occasionally appeared, and was not as angry as he was two years ago. But smiling, gently greet everyone. Mr. St. John patted everyone on the shoulder and said goodbye. Everyone also told him: Take care and don't forget to take your medicine on time. He smiled and explained the reason for "forgetfulness".

It turns out that luna suffered from severe neurosis two years ago: irascibility, irritability, autism, world-weariness, and even committed suicide twice. No matter how carefully he took care of her and took her to seek medical advice, it didn't get better. In desperation, he came up with away.

He found the headmaster and asked him to give him a job, cleaning or being a doorman. Because of his previous performance, the headmaster gave him a job in housekeeping. In this way, he can take medicine away from home every day. He had congenital heart disease and high blood pressure and had several attacks when he was young. Fortunately, he was only narrowly missed by luna's careful care. For so many years, although his illness has never happened again, it has always been luna's heart. By forgetting to take medicine, he let luna go out of the house and walk in the sun, using her love to arouse her sense of responsibility and passion for life. Now that luna has recovered, it is time for him to go home and enjoy his old age with her.

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Mr. St. John's words stunned everyone, and then they held his hands tightly. What an old pair of hands they were!

Nowadays, it is often seen that Mr. St. John and his wife are walking on the road near the school. The pair of figures who help each other and never give up are like two maple leaves that are old to late autumn, and the whole body exudes charming luster.