The sad person who accompanies you through the broken love is your lover.

/September 2021

That year, people who knew them were thinking that he would soon become her prince charming. Actually, this is not the case.

In 1997, at the age of 17, she was influenced by him and followed him to enter Stanford University. Soon after entering university, she fell in love. However, instead of saying "I love you" and "I can't live without you", she asked him, "What do you think of Matthew Pierce?" Without waiting for his answer, she said: "I want to love with vigour and vitality!"

The person who always walks with you through the pain of falling out of love is your lover. "Pierce is certainly a very nice guy." He said, "He has excellent academic performance and loves sports. He recently won the national 200-meter butterfly champion for college students. Just, just ... he can't stand the blow. " When she entered Stanford, he was a junior, and naturally knew more about her classmates than she did, so she frankly stated her views to her.

Since she loved Pierce so much, he took good care of her and Pierce's seedling of love like an old friend and brother. He is like a lush tall tree, and the sun is too blazing, so he holds up a shade for them; The wind and rain were too fierce, so he set up a barrier for them ... How he hoped that her dream of being as beautiful as flowers would continue.

In 1998, the scandal of her father was raging. Her father, whom she respected so much, was like this, and her world collapsed. Her red-eyed and tearless photo appeared on the front page of the New York Post. Pierce, as her boyfriend, couldn't stand the ridicule of others, and quickly ran away.

Heartbroken, she found him and cried on his shoulder: "I really don't want to be the president's daughter. I just want to live a normal life, find someone I love, hug him and spend time with him." At this moment, how much he wants her to hold his hand. But she didn't.

In 2002, in order to escape the embarrassing situation in the United States, she came to Oxford University to study for a master's degree. Soon, she revealed her good news to him: "He is the best man, and he always makes me happy. You know, this is the life I long for! " The man she mentioned is Ian Klaus, an alumnus of Oxford University. He was happy for her and said, "Thank you for letting me share your joy and sincerely bless you!"

However, one day in 2005, she called him to ask him to a bar, and she wanted to anesthetize herself with alcohol. Yes, she fell out of love again.

After graduating from Oxford University, she found a well-paid consulting job at McKinsey & Company. She thought that her love for Klaus was ripe, so they began to live together. When they got along with each other day and night, she found that Klaus was a controlling person and wanted to control everything about her. After many times of communication and concession, Klaus is still the same as himself, and she finally broke up.

She thought of him again. He has always been the best listener when she was suffering, and he was also the one who often made her come out of her pain. However, he did not drink the bitter wine of "drinking wine to worry more" with her but suggested that she go to the bookstore.

For many years, visiting bookstores and reading books have been their common hobbies. This time, his intelligence and wisdom made her feel like a spring breeze, which reminded her of the scene he first met.

It was in 1993. She was 13 and he was 15. Since their parents are both Democrats, they were brought to the meeting place by their parents in a party gathering. His lively and naughty talk and Kan Kan attracted her. After that, they often met and slowly became good friends who said everything.

In 1997, when she was studying at Stanford University, he was so happy that he gave her his examination experience and experience in department selection without reservation. He also took her to the "Brotherhood" of the school, so that she could experience college life early.

At that time, people said that they would soon become a pair of lovers. However, until 2005, he was just a person who accompanied her and taught her how to face the pain of falling out of love. As they strolled around the bookstore and read their favorite books, they exchanged views on a certain point in the book. She felt that time was turning back and seemed to be intoxicated with the warm and beautiful time before.

He said that when reading a book, he not only communicates peacefully with her but also argues fiercely with her from time to time, which is a theory in psychology. A friendly but heated argument is the easiest way for people to get out of depression. Sure enough, before long, the pain haze caused by brokenhearted slowly disappeared, and her heart returned to the warm sunshine ... This sunshine also plated them with sincere love.

She is Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of former US President Bill Clinton. Her name is Mark Mezvinsky, and she is a very successful investment banker. On July 31st, 2010, they joined hands on the red carpet of marriage.

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Love doesn't necessarily mean that both sides keep running together on the road of long-distance running, but love definitely means that one side is sticking to it for the other. As a lost party, no matter how far you go, there will always be a tree for you to keep out the wind and rain, and it will always provide you with broad arms to stop when you are in pain. This person is the close lover you can entrust for life.