The process of marriage

/September 2021

At Valentine's Day party one year, my husband and I went to a good friend's coffee shop with the theme "the Nth year we walked together". One of the activities was that husband and wife talked about each other's shortcomings. 

At the scene, a man in his 40s pulled his wife onto the stage. the wife was reluctant and lost her temper as if she wanted to get rid of her husband's hand. 

On the stage, the couple wrote about each other's shortcomings, and the host jokingly said, "is it really good that you have written about each other's shortcomings?" 

The wife did not speak, the husband took the microphone and said, "of all the men and women here today, we are probably the oldest couple." 

We are no longer young and know each other's shortcomings like the back of our hands. 

We always make mistakes that have nothing to do with principles, and we really quarrel all the way, but I'm used to her, and so should she. " 

The wife kept her head down, and she should have burst into tears.  

Love and marriage are inherently different, if love also has factions, probably love belongs to the romantic system, and marriage belongs to the real system. 

As Sanmao said: love cannot last long if it is not implemented in such trivial matters as eating and sleeping. 

Marriage is like a microscope, everything about you will appear naked in the line of sight, and you can't escape from each other. 

Once on a program, I was impressed by a guest's sentence: love is a process of constantly discovering each other's strengths, while marriage is a process of constantly digesting each other's weaknesses. 

High-quality long-term marriage, I finally tolerated your unprovoked small temper, and you finally forgive my small shortcomings. 

Once, I met a middle-aged couple who, after many years of marriage, became tired of their mundane marriage and unchanging each other, so they tried to live apart for a while. 

However, they gradually found that they had long been accustomed to each other, and could not be separated from each other. 

The husband said that I couldn't stand life without her around me more than the noise she used to make. 

All couples complain about each other, just as we always find our own shortcomings in self-examination. 

In a sense, marriage is a gamble, and you never know which will arrive first tomorrow or accident. 

But I always believe that when we can digest each other's shortcomings, it is the best thing in marriage. After all, when shortcomings are no longer flaws, each other is almost the most perfect Ta. 

We meet in the best years, and we will leave slowly at the last moment, either sooner or later. 

And for each other, the best thing in our lifetime is that I finally swallowed your shortcomings, and you finally got used to my imperfections.

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