The promise of love

/October 2021

A friend told me that her grandfather would take his grandmother to travel around the world. 

I was surprised when I heard this. I didn't expect that her grandparents were in their twilight years and could still have an interest in life when they said so. 

The friend shook his head and said, "No, as early as 50 years ago, Grandpa promised Grandma that he would take her around the world." 

To fulfill this promise, Grandpa has been preparing for 50 years. " 

In life, promises are not uncommon, but few carry weight. 

The promise of my friend's grandfather is full of love, and so is the promise in the following story. 

Men and women meet at a party of ordinary friends. 

The man is a doctor. When he saw a woman for the first time and learned that she was suffering from insomnia, he said to her, "maybe you need Valium." 

A man uses "maybe" because he has met some people and refuses to admit it even though he knows he is ill. 

To the man's surprise, the woman's answer was simple: "Yes, I do." 

After a few days, the man took a two-hour ride to the woman's house and handed her diazepam wrapped in prescription paper. 

That night, the woman followed his orders, swallowed the pill with plain boiled water, and then opened an idle book in the soft light. 

After a while, drowsiness came, and after many years, the woman finally fell soundly asleep before midnight. 

Early the next morning, the woman looked at her radiant face in the mirror and immediately called the man and said, "I want a bottle of valium." 

Before long, the man came again, but only brought seven pills. He promised the woman that he would show up on time every weekend and bring her seven Valium. 

A man is a man of his word. 

At first, he would leave soon, and slowly, he stayed a little longer. 

He helped the woman deal with the flying insects in the kitchen, accompanied her to the video store to buy CDs, and took her to the park for a picnic. 

Two years later, they got married. 

After returning from the honeymoon, the woman suddenly found that she had not eaten Valium for many days, but she still slept soundly. 

It was not until then that the man told her that the pills given to her were vitamin C except the first one was Valium. 

The woman was surprised to say how this was possible, the man explained with a smile, only because he had tampered with each one, first sharpened the "VC" on the pills with a knife, and then engraved with "diazepam", she never found it. 

In two years, the man kept his promise, wrote more than 700 "stability" for the woman, and gave her a stable and happy marriage. 

Commitment based on love is always touching. Do you have such a story to share with us?

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