The proper distance to happiness

/October 2021

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It's just the right distance, 100 kilometers. 

Marriage is enriched in 100 kilometers.

After about five or seven years of marriage, I suddenly feel tasteless. 

It is not clear when it will happen, because the numbness to an accustomed way of life is always slowly formed. 

Then, one day, sitting in the living room watching TV with my wife, I felt very bored and naturally looked at each other, and they all understood the indifference in each other's eyes. 

At this time, the opportunity appeared, I resolutely resigned and applied for a new unit 100 kilometers away from home. 

The salary is a little higher than my original unit, but a family is divided into two families, the quality of life has not changed. 

In the first week, I deliberately didn't go home, so I called back at the weekend: "there is an interview mission this weekend." 


Wife, this is a response. 

The next week, I called before I went home and said I was going home for dinner. 

When I got home, there were two more dishes on the table than usual, and there was also a bottle of wine, but the bottle was not opened. 

My wife is still very cold, do not ask me how I did in the new unit, buried in dinner. 

The son was also very cooperative and went back to his room to do his homework after dinner. 

"would you like to join us for a drink?" 


The wife said that she went to watch TV by herself after dinner. 

Then drink alone, drink half a bottle, then consciously plug the lid and save it for the next time you go home to drink it. 

When I went home again, half a bottle of wine was still there, and my wife still didn't drink it, but she sat with me and waited for me to finish it. 

The third time I went home, it was a bottle for two people to drink together. 

100 kilometers, a distance that makes people think about it. 

Lying in bed, unable to sleep, I thought, at this time, my wife does not know if she is the same as me. 

Why don't you make a call and ask? 

However, if the wife has fallen asleep, isn't it disturbing her dream? 

One night, staring at the ceiling, suddenly the cell phone rang, haha, it was from home, is there something wrong at home? 

"Have you slept yet?" 

The wife asked. 

"I lay down and didn't sleep." 

"then let's have a chat." 

The wife said. 

"do you count how many days it will be before the weekend?" 

The wife asked. 

"who's so boring? no." 

I said it firmly, but I knew it was Wednesday. "Don't you forget it?" 

My wife, like me, firmly refuses to admit it. 

Keep talking. I don't know when I fell asleep. I just remember saying to my wife, "I'll be home in two days." 

When I got home two days later, the meal was already ready. I opened the door and went in. I heard my wife say to his son, "wait a minute, Dad will be home." 

All of a sudden, there is a feeling of happiness that I have not seen for a long time from the bottom of my heart.