The quality of marriage

/October 2021

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The quality of marriage can be measured by two criteria, one is its love foundation, and the other is its stability. 

There may not be a causal relationship between these two factors. As the saying goes, "a good couple is hard to last a long time". Passionate love has its fragile aspects, while the stability of marriage often depends more on some practical factors. 

Both are good, and of course, it is a happy marriage. 

However, if one of them is very strong and the other is slightly weaker, it is considered a qualified marriage. 

The stability of marriage depends not so much on love as on the harmony of the little things in daily life. 

People with artistic temperament are ridiculously clumsy in the latter aspect, so the combination of the two artists is most fragile. 

A piece of advice for artists: be careful not to marry your peers. 

Further advice: be careful not to get married. 

There are three kinds of marriage: first, artistic marriage based on fantasy and passion; second, magic marriage based on deception and tolerance; third, technological marriage based on experience and method. 

As far as the degree of stability is concerned, the technical type is the highest, the magic type is in the middle, and the artistic type is the lowest. 

The combination of men and women, two stable, one changeable, one stable changeable, two changeable can be stable, can be changeable. 

In a marriage, the degree of emotional satisfaction of both parties depends on the feelings of the weaker partner. 

If A loves B very much and B has only five points of love for A, then they can only get five points of satisfaction. 

The lack of the remaining five points will become a pity in An and distress in B. 

There is no possibility of one party being happy alone in a marriage. 

It is the iron rule of the marriage game that we must win or lose together. 

In a long journey, it is best to have a satisfactory traveling companion, the second-best is to have no traveling companion, and the worst is to have an unsatisfactory traveling companion. 

The same is true of marriage. 

Husband and wife love, hand in hand to take the journey of life, of course, is lucky. 

If you can't do it, walking alone, although lonely, but also quiet, is not a great misfortune. 

The most unfortunate thing is that when they are tired of each other, they want to get along day and night to maintain a loveless marriage to the end. 

Between couples and even lovers, no one can avoid the mixture of love and quarrel. the only difference lies in: first, the quality of the two, there is unforgettable love, there is also superficial love, there are bone-breaking quarrels, and there are tickling quarrels; second, the proportion of the two. 

However, the situation is very complicated, sometimes great love will be accompanied by a big quarrel, love to the extreme will settle all quarrels. 

Of course, marriage should be based on love, but in real life, it is difficult for people to take love as the only consideration of marriage choice, and the consideration of interests often occupies a certain position, which is normal. 

It's just that everything has a certain degree, and if interests become the main or even the only consideration, normal will become vulgar. 

If marriage is then deliberately used as a means of profit, vulgarity becomes despicable. 

Unfortunately, these two situations have greatly increased in today's society.