The rain falls, the flowers fall, and the flowers fall

/October 2021

Xiao Bei stood on the third podium, and for a long time, he picked up the blackboard eraser and wiped it desperately in the face of the text symbols left on the blackboard by the teacher. 

Dust falling slowly, such as colorful Luoyang, is buried ignorance, ugliness, hate of the land; is the growth of wisdom, goodness, love of the soil. 

It was at this time that she felt that the teacher was the greatest person in the world. 

"students who don't want to be teachers are not good students." 

She thought to herself. 

"the greatest man in the world hasn't been born yet!" 

After Guliu, who was sweeping the floor, made such a remark, Xiaobei blushed like a ripe apple. 

I just don't know if it will fall on Newton's head again. 


After Xiaobei did a good job, he tried his best to calm himself down. 

"No one knows who is the greatest man until the end of the world." 

Maybe it was from that afternoon that she got a crush on Gulu, a boy named Newton. 

After school in the afternoon, on the basketball court. 

Gulu jumps, pitches, hits! 


The little Beibei who was walking on the stairs was very surprised. 

"How can he play ball? 

Why is he playing today? " 

After school in the afternoon, on the long road. 

Gu Liu holds up a blue sky and white cloud umbrella for the small north. 

After school in the afternoon, it rained all over the world. 

After school in the afternoon, Lukou. 

Drop after drop of Rain Water flows into a river one by one. 

The Summer Solstice, outside the window. 

Some brilliant summer flowers; a thunderstorm; some falling flowers and running water. 

The Summer Solstice, the stadium. 

A beautiful parabola, a beautiful umbrella, a ball flying in the air, a heart beating all the time, dancing gently for another heart. 

The Summer Solstice, the world. 

Meter after meter of sunlight breaks through the dark clouds that overwhelm the city. 

Toward the north, hold on to Gulu's right hand and walk on the morning faint line. 

It is generous, not widowed.

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