The rain of tears wet the youth

/October 2021

Some things, we do not need to ask randomly, otherwise, we will only add sadness; some people, we do not need to wait too long, otherwise, we will also forget time; some memories, we need to be implanted in our minds; some feelings, we can use to doubt life. 

Lonely words, a touch of sadness, a memorial to the autumn of this season, a memorial to our joys and sorrows of youth. 

Time flows day by day, who failed to live up to the memory of fleeting time? 

Time pushed us forward step by step, we stumbled, shed blood and tears, shed sweat, waved goodbye to childhood, and slowly ushered in this season of our youth-chic and somewhat ostentatious. 

With the straight rise of age, we become more and more mature, this season's youth makes our hearts slowly grow old, we are sad, we can continue to smile with tears; we carnival, laugh, and so have slept soundly at night, and so the wind and rain are drenched, unconsciously, only full of emptiness and loneliness filled with hearts, our inexplicable tears, inexplicable sadness. 

What makes us at a loss, what makes us cry inexplicably, and then laugh inexplicably? 

I don't know, maybe we couldn't help it for a moment, maybe it was our sudden self, or the restless wind provoked the unbridled rainy season, annihilating the autumn that belonged to our young hearts and cool feelings, and drenched the youth that was fearless and belonged to us. 

Time does not wait for us, we have had tears, we are too stubborn to turn back, we can carelessly do not care about ourselves for others, we can also love ourselves a little more regardless of the wind and rain, we can also love ourselves more than love for only a few degrees of life. 

We can use the clearest heart overall, with the most carefree posture to fight youth, with the warmest feelings to go back to the past, just waiting for flowers to blossom, it is several degrees of spring and autumn. 

We are all waiting for youth at the crossroads, and times have changed, and finally, we have come to "youth", taking him on the road with him, with tears and laughter; a strange city, an inadvertent rain, a young heart, the scars of youth falling all over the body, soaking youth with dreams. 

After several ups and downs, we struggle with youth, and finally do not know whether we have lost the dream, or youth has always been dismissive and cynical? 

Who sings and dances for whom, who pours out their hearts and dreams to whom, who helps each other night and day, and who has a long talk with whom, regardless of honor or inferiority? 

We can make friends with youth, we can forgive the amorous feelings of youth, perhaps it is just our wishful thinking and self-affectionate, the heartbeat of words and the gap between heaven and hell, the rain of tears after all, together with loss and uneasiness, the youth drenched the whole body trembling, but also broke the youth through the pain of the heartbeat. 

We love to make mistakes, and we make mistakes mostly because we love to use our brains too much when we are supposed to use our feelings, and we love to be emotional when we are supposed to use our brains. 

Along the way, some people see through the mysteries of life too early, while others wake up too late. 

What should come on the road of life will come eventually, we have nowhere to escape; what should go is doomed to go, we can not retain. 

This is what youth gives us, and it is also the best answer we give to the youth. 

I thought that my heart, which had been sleeping for many years, could finally be opened, when everything was just a dream, things had changed in the world, and only my stubbornness supported the belief that I once thought I was impregnable. 

Suddenly looking back, it turns out that my young heart really can't afford to lose, and youth can't stand the hurt over and over again. 

Along the way, we will always quarrel with youth, otherwise, there will be no rebellious youth, broken soul, stubborn "sorry" is not willing to easily say, even "it doesn't matter" is just echoing, not everything can be indifferent, only the whole body with a slightly flirtatious atmosphere, a bit excessive, all the unease solidified in the pace of coming and going, instantly vanished. 

Instant melting enthusiasm, it turns out that everything is just groundless, together with the scarred, unrecognizable youth, we do not want to take a look at it. 

Time is quiet, time is safe, we always want to try to remember the brilliant appearance of youth every day, but times change, time goes too fast, everything comes too suddenly. 

The rain of tears is not related to the wind and the moon, drinking the pain and pain of youth.

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