The sad rainy season of love-1

/October 2021

Xiao and Yu know each other on a rainy day. 

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I still remember that day, when Yu just got off work, he came out of the office building and saw the patter of rain outside. He rushed into the rain without thinking about it. 

In a hurry, because he didn't pay attention, he saw a car coming in front of him, and the car didn't have time to dodge, so he slammed on the brakes in front of her. 

The rain gorgeously fell to the ground, scratched the skin on her knee, and the bright red blood flow came out, soaking Rain Water, feeling a needle-like pain. 

The man in the car, seeing that he had hit someone, quickly got out of the car. 

Asked nervously, "Miss, are you all right?" 

The rain looked at her knee. 

"your knee is bleeding. I'll take you to the hospital first," the man said hurriedly. 

The rain nodded. 

He helped her into the car and handed her a clean towel. "wipe your hair, don't catch a cold." the rain took the towel and felt a little warm in his heart. 

To the hospital, the doctor bandaged the wound to the rain, the rain hissed in there, alcohol disinfection, let her unbearable pain. 

Bandaged up, two knees wrapped in gauze, looking at this funny appearance, the rain smiled helplessly. 

While the rain was bandaging the wound, the man was busy running around, paying her fees, and buying her a cup of hot coffee. 

You took the hot coffee and had an unspeakable feeling in her heart. I still remember that after breaking up with her boyfriend, no one had ever been so kind to her again. 

Then he took her home. 

Through understanding, she knew that his name was Xiao and he knew her name was Yu. 

It turns out that they live in the same neighborhood, and the world is so small. 

One afternoon a few days later, Yu was shopping in the supermarket. 

Suddenly I felt that someone had patted her on the shoulder. You looked back and saw that it was Xiao. 

After shopping, Xiao, to apologize, had to invite Yu to dinner. You said no and repeatedly asked for a French restaurant in Xiao.

In the French restaurant, this is the first time that Yu has come to such a good place to eat. Xiao drops the meal for the rain with fluent French, and Yu looks at Xiao with admiring eyes. 

During this period, Xiao talked to Yu about the culture of French restaurants, and Yu listened very carefully. 

In this way, they became acquainted with each other through communication.