The sad rainy season of love-2

/October 2021

Because in the same community, Yu and Xiao both have the habit of getting up early for running. Because they often see each other, they gradually fall in love with each other through their understanding of each other. 

In the sunshine of love, everything is so beautiful, but it is hard to avoid haze. 

When they were madly in love and ready to get married, there were many obstacles. 

Because of the great disparity in their families, Xiao's mother did not approve of their marriage. 

They often start to quarrel about it. 

On this day, the sky was cloudy, just like the mood of rain, full of haze. 

Rain asked Xiao out for dinner. Yu said, "I don't deserve you. You are so good. Let's break up. It's good for everyone." 

Xiao didn't look up and eat, afraid of seeing the rain in his eyes, "Why did you break up? I love you." 

"but what is the use of love, we can not ignore the opposition of the family together, that will not be happy," Yu's eyes are full of sadness. 

"I am willing to give up everything for you." Xiao raised his head and looked firmly into the rain's eyes. 

"Don't do this, I don't want to carry more, I'm tired," Yu said and walked out of the hotel with her bag. 

Xiao also hurriedly chased out, the rain lowered his head and patronized across the road, in front of a car did not notice, Xiao pulled the rain to one side he had no time to dodge, was hit by the car and flew out. 

The rain chased after him and began to cry with the bloody Xiao in his arms. 

Xiao looked at the rain. "silly girl, why are you always so careless? how can you let me rest assured?" 

The painful expression on Xiao's face began to become ferocious. 

"stop it, stop it. You're all right. I'll take you to the hospital." Rain's tears kept falling. 

"if I can't take care of you in the future, you have to take care of yourself," he said and fainted. 

At this time, it began to rain, just like the sadness in the rain's heart. 

When he went to the hospital for emergency treatment, it was already late. Xiao left her and left her forever. 

Yu regretted that he should not have been so capricious and should not have broken up with him. 

But it's too late. It's too late. 

Whenever it rains, the rain always thinks of Xiao, the boy who is as bright as the sun, and the man who once loved her.

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