The Secrets of Marriage

/September 2021

In the beginning, she liked him, not because he had a distinguished background, his family was in the countryside, and there were only three dilapidated houses, nor because of how handsome he was, he only looked like 1.70 meters, belonging to the kind of ordinary people who disappeared from the crowd. 

She likes him mainly because he has hard work on the basketball court, a particularly hard-working tenacity in study and life, and a simple and honest spirit like Guo Jing when dealing with girls. 

When she fell in love, she soon found that he still had a strong spirit. If he was sure of one thing, even nine cows could not be pulled back. 

The various living habits of the rural people left a mark on him, and he also slowly learned many of the living habits of the urban people. 

But even so, she still loved him very much. 

"you are the kind of two-in-one product with both urban and rural characteristics," she said. " 

He replied: "Thank you. This is my characteristic. To put it bluntly, it can also be called an advantage." 

People often say that when they are in love, they are always confused, often blinded by a leaf, and do not see the forest. 

That's true at all. 

Flirting in love is to increase interest. 

However, once you enter the hall of marriage and need to face it every day, the so-called advantages may become disadvantages. 

Ever since she was a child, she likes tidiness, but he likes a messy life and says that chaos has the flavor of home. In the past, she only knew that although he was born in the countryside, he had been integrated into the city after all. But she never thought that his rural friends and relatives would come to him from time to time, and all kinds of things would find him, no matter whether he could do it or not. 

Although he earns more money than she does, the amount he can take home is not as much as hers, and he spends a lot of money on his relatives and friends almost every month. 

Because of this, she quarreled with him every day. 

When his relatives and friends came, at first she could pretend to smile, but then she turned a cold shoulder; to control his expenses, she confiscated his working capital, and they quarreled almost every time he asked her for money. 

Not only sad but also hurt feelings, after such things have happened many times, their feelings are as green as stocks in a bear market. 

And the result of this accumulation of contradictions was the final eruption of the volcano: one day, they finally had a big fight. 

He was so angry that he slammed the door, and she went back to her mother's house in a gamble. 

When she returned to her mother's home, her parents asked her for warmth, which made her feel unusually warm. 

However, as soon as I saw the love between my parents. 

She sighed for her marriage: she blamed herself for being blind and found such a person. 

The change in her mood failed to escape her mother's loving eyes. 

It was a sunny day, and my mother asked euphemistically about her marriage. 

Before she could speak, she threw herself into her mother's arms and burst into tears. 

Mother stroked her hair and let her vent. 

When she stopped crying, her mother did not comfort her but told her a story. 

Mother said that in Israel, there is a beautiful plant called Desert Rose. 

When you look at this rose, it doesn't look like a rose at all. It looks like withered grass. 

Israeli friends say to you: don't worry, bring it back to your Chinese mainland, put it in the water, observe it for eight days, you will find it is the most beautiful rose. 

You don't believe me. 

When I got up on the first morning, I found that a bud had burst out in the middle of the withered grass. 

It's a little alive, but it's not beautiful. 

The next morning, the innermost petal opened, the third day the second petal opened, the fourth day, the third petal opened, you found it a little beautiful, to the eighth day all the petals opened in turn, you found it beautiful. 

If a neighbor comes to your house on the eighth day, you excitedly say to him: what a beautiful rose, does he feel it? 



Because he only saw one result. 

Her mother finally told her in earnest: the most perfect marriage you have ever seen is like the last person to see that kind of desert rose. 

Remember, in this world, no marriage is perfect from the beginning. 

They all need to be run-in, it requires you to wait patiently with time, and constantly water them with the sweet spring of love, coupled with understanding and tolerance, that is, since you have chosen, you must love each other well and love everything about each other. 

In this way, your marriage can gradually become perfect.

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