The story of lavender-1

/October 2021

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Once upon a time, in a simple town, there was a girl with purple hair called Xiao Xun. the villagers there thought she was a monster because people couldn't have purple hair, and Xiao Xun's parents abandoned her for various reasons. forced to make a living this poor girl can only make a living by selling flowers, and Xiao Xun sells flowers that are white lavender. 

Xiao Xun is a very kind girl, she works very hard every day, but no matter what she does, the villagers still can't understand her with purple hair. 

But Xiao Xun never complained about it because she firmly believed that God was fair, and he would make it up to him in other ways. 

In this way, time is as clear as Qingqing. 

The passing wind passed imperceptibly, and in a twinkling of an eye, Xiao Xun became a beautiful woman who made all the girls in the town jealous. 

But no matter how beautiful she is, no one wants to understand. 

The lonely Xiao Xun often goes to the forest to talk to the small animals there. 

Slowly Xiao Xun met an invisible boy in the forest-rain, fish with a bright smile like the rising sun. 

Xiaoxun will give him the most beautiful lavender every day and talk with him. 

The boy was also touched. 

Soon the two fell in love with each other. 

Xiao Xun heard a legend somewhere that there is a pool of spring water in the forest that can cure any disease. 

To restore the light of her beloved boy, she embarked on a long way to find a magical spring. 

But for days and nights, Xiao Xun got nothing. 

At this time, she suddenly saw a boy in the distance waiting for her to bring back the potion that could make her see the world again. Xiao Xun cried and cried so sadly. 

Tears fell down her white skin on her bloody hands. 

Dripping on the white lavender, the girl finally moved the elves who lived in the lavender. 

They told the girl the location of the magnificent spring water but also told her the price she had to pay after getting the divine water. 

Will that hurt him? I don't want him to get hurt. "you can rest assured that the spell will only come true on yourself." look at the girl in the distance and shed tears again. 

According to the guidance of the elves, the girl quickly found the legendary spring that can cure any illness. 

And under the escort of the elves, the girl finally returned to the boy to cure him. 

The spring brightened the boy's eyes. He saw the world, but he didn't see the girl he loved. 

The girl left quietly. She didn't expect the boy to see her face or her purple hair. 

The boy was sad, but he couldn't find the girl. 

The angel he saw countless times in his dreams, the girl looked at the boy from a distance every day and secretly sent him lavender every day. 

Finally, one day the boy thought of away. The girl secretly put the most beautiful lavender at the boy's door as usual. Just as she was about to leave, suddenly she heard footsteps behind her.