The story of lavender-2

/October 2021

Are your flowers for me, my angel? 

A handsome teenager came out from behind a big tree. 

It was his girl's heart as if it had been hit. 

No, I can't let him see my face. He'll freak out. 

In a panic, the girl began to run to the depths of the forest, but no matter how she ran, the boy soon caught up with the girl and held her hand tightly in his arms. 

"Why did you leave me? you know how sad I am." 

I am a monster, a person spurned by everyone, we can't be together. No, you are not a monster, you are the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. In my heart, you will always be the one I love most. No matter what happens, I will not let you go, even if your hair is purple. 

Just as the boy uttered this sentence, all the lavender around them absorbed the color of the girl's hair and the girl's hair turned blond. 

The pure white lavender has turned purple until now. 

The girl and the boy finally hugged together, feeling the hard-won happiness. 

Just then an angel appeared from the sky. 

Originally, if you want to get that magnificent spring water, you have to give your precious life. 

The girl gave up her life to let the one she loved see again. 

Just so that the boy can live a better life. 

The shocking news was beyond the boy's comprehension. 

He would rather be blind forever than let his beloved girl die like this for himself. The boy decided to cut out his eyes in exchange for the girl's life.' 

Angel, I beg you to let her go. I would rather not see the light than live without her. 

But no matter how much the boy begged the angel, he couldn't save the girl's life. 

They all cried silently. 

The girl still left with the angel, but before the girl left, she made a wish to the angel, "just let me live one more second, let me and you embrace the smell of lavender in the wind because I will turn into the smell of lavender." stay with him forever. " 

Xiao Xun left, leaving only the purple lavender and his boundless love for the boy. 

Many years later, a large expanse of lavender flowers was planted in a dense forest, and when they bloomed, their fragrance could be smelled ten miles away, and even better, standing in a large flower field, the smell was still light and gentle. 

Just like Xiao Xun's love for a boy will never disappear over time.

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