The story of love

/October 2021

Perhaps the beauty of life lies in its unpredictable, we all in the uncertain life to find their own stability. 

Having experienced so much unease and entanglement, I am glad that I have found the immortal love that belongs to me. 

When I look at the exclusive ring of Leavis between my fingers, I always think of my lovely him, and I can't help but smile from the bottom of my heart. 

My he is not my first love, my first love is unforgettable but not a happy memory. 

First love for me, just let me know that boys are not trustworthy, not worth my heart. 

I thought I would never meet someone who really loves me and loves me in my life. 

I didn't expect to meet and have a boy as kind and sincere as he is. 

It was a cold winter, and I was so wrapped up that I walked on so that I could get home early with my head covered. I accidentally bumped into him-and caught him for the rest of my life. 

I looked up at him and said I was sorry. At the moment my eyes met, I seemed to feel a rapid heartbeat that I hadn't seen for a long time. 

His eyes are very warm, the smile is very natural, the tone is very gentle, he said it doesn't matter, in that snowy season, our hearts are also connected. 

He is very considerate to me, and he is also very careful. My impatience often makes me offend people, and he will help me explain to others patiently. I know that he knows me best, knows me best, and knows that I am not as sharp as I appear to be. I'm just trying to protect myself. 

But I dare not think that he will always be so kind to me. 

New Year's Day, on that day, we went to celebrate the New year like best friends. 

Unlike in the past, he looked very unnatural and nervous, to be exact. 

I don't know what happened to him and joked if his girlfriend saw us eating together and was hungry. 

He smiled and bowed his head and took something out of his pocket. I didn't see what it was in the candlelight. He said it was a New year's gift for me. 

I was full of anticipation, he came up to me, suddenly knelt on one knee, I was stunned, he took out the small box, gently opened it, a delicate and dazzling Le Weiss ring appeared in front of me. 

"Xiaoqing, in fact, I should have told you these words a long time ago. I know we all have good feelings, but I also know that you are afraid of trusting others. I think it is useless to give you an empty guarantee. I just want to give you this special gift in this special journal today. I would like to tell you that I am willing to keep my heart by your side all the time. My name is on the ring. You can rest assured that you are unique." 

My tears swirled in my eyes, in front of him is so sincere, sincere that I can not refuse, not to mention I like him so much. 

I promised his courtship, and we are all very happy so far. 

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The Lovis ring is on my hand all the time, and whenever I struggle with it, I see it and feel safe and happy.