The temperature of a glass of water

/October 2021

He often drinks outside, and every time he comes back from drinking, his wife always brings a glass of warm water in time. 

Sometimes he fell asleep on the bed, and the glass of water would be placed on the nightstand. When he woke up in the middle of the night, his throat was dry and he could drink it easily. 

Once when he was drinking outside, his friend hesitated to talk to him. Under his questioning, the friend told the truth that he saw his wife and a man behaving vaguely in the street one day. He was bewildered at that time. 

When he got home, his wife handed over a glass of warm water as usual, but he did not answer it. He had intended to heckle his wife, but without proof, the wife would not admit it. He pretended to be drunk, did not speak, and went straight to his room to sleep. 

For some time later, he vaguely felt the change of his wife, and he thought: his wife may be having an affair. 

After that day, before going to bed every night, he would change a glass of warm water for his wife and put it at the head of the bed, and his wife was puzzled. He said, "for so many years, you have been preparing water for me. I think I should give you a glass of water every night. If you are thirsty, you can quench your thirst at any time. Even if you don't drink it, the air will be moist in the room, and it will be good for your skin." 

He noticed a flicker of panic in his wife's eyes. 

That night, his wife went to sleep on his arm. 

After that, he seldom went out for a drink in the evening and stayed at home with his wife. 

Before going to bed, he will remember to put a glass of warm water on the nightstand on his wife's side, and his wife will also put a glass of warm water on the nightstand on his side. 

From what his friends know about him, he knows that his wife is unfaithful to him and will get a divorce, but he seems as if nothing has happened. His friend can't help asking him, "have you swallowed this breath?" 

He said that if a woman gets lost on her emotional path, a man must have a unshirkable responsibility. I'm just trying to summon her with her love for me to see if she gets lost. 

He didn't say that the love he gave back to his wife was a glass of warm water. 

He did not know that when his wife later refused another man's fanatical pursuit, the reason was the same: all I wanted was a glass of water, which was warm enough to warm my heart, and you might not be able to do it. 

Sometimes, emotionally, to resist the temptation of the outside world, it may just be the temperature of a glass of water. 

If that glass of water is hot, it can be a little cold; if it is a little cold, it doesn't matter, it has loving care, where else can it be cold? 

Whether the cold and warm will always be just right, the people who use it know best.

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