The voice of love

/September 2021

One winter night 40 years ago, in the family room of a coal mine in the south of West Germany at that time, Brecht, a young miner, and his wife were sitting under the lamp. After a long silence, Brecht said, "Everything will be fine. I will go down tomorrow!" His wife gave him a brilliant smile and said, "Good luck!"  

The next morning, Brecht and his wife hugged each other in a hurry and walked out the door. The wife shouted at the back, "We will always be together no matter what!". At noon, suddenly came the news that the coal mine collapsed. When his wife heard that she was busy running to the mine, 13 people were trapped in the coal mine, including Brecht. Miners' relatives cried and prayed in the well. A few hours later, news came that they had contacted 12 people in the well. They were trapped in the tunnel and there were no casualties, but Brecht was not found. Amid the cheers of the miners' relatives, his wife sat on the ground with a blank mind. After a while, she threw herself at the wellhead and kept reading to the ground: "You must live, for our future, you must not die!"  

At the moment when the mine collapsed, Brecht ran in the wrong direction in panic and was separated from other people. Finally, he was enclosed in a small space between the tunnels. In the 600-meter-deep underground, darkness surrounded him, and he breathed hard in the silence of hunger and death. After 13 hours, his consciousness became more and more chaotic, and his intense sleepiness hit, so he was about to hold on. Suddenly, like a dream, my wife's voice sounded in my ear. Although the voice was very small, it was still faintly discernible: "Hold on! To live! Everything will be all right! " Suddenly he was awake, listening to the only voice through the darkness and cold.  

At this time, his wife was still whispering affectionately at the wellhead, and other miners' families encouraged her piteously, but she firmly believed that her voice would reach her husband's ears. The rescue work is very difficult and the progress is slow. Due to the untimely rescue, all the 12 survivors had stopped breathing when they were carried out of the tunnel. But she still spoke at the wellhead. On the sixth day, Brecht was finally carried out of the tunnel, and he was still alive! The first thing he said when he woke up was: "I can live to the present in the dark and cold, all by my wife's gentle voice!" 

Some people say that this is a miracle of life, but in fact, it should be a miracle of love. When there is only one voice left in the world, as long as it is the voice of love, it is the reason for us to live well; As long as there is love in your heart, even in desperate situations, you will create miracles!

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