The woman behind Einstein-1

/November 2021

She is the daughter of a Hungarian Serbian farmer and the first female college student in Europe to study mathematics. She is smart and studious from an early age and has a high talent for mathematics. 

In Zurich, she met him. The two were classmates and both had a high talent for mathematics. 

They study together, study math together, eat together, take a walk together, with a beautiful and grand dream-to become a first-class young scientist! 

Young and like-minded, they soon fell in love and became a pair of inseparable lovers. 

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Passionate love occupies most of the time and energy in life, and the two only care about enjoying the flowers and moonlight and slowly become rusty in their studies. 

In 1920xx, his score in the exam was only average, and she failed to pass the exam. 

Just as she was preparing to take the make-up exam, an accident happened-- she was pregnant. 

For love, she resolutely gave up her studies, went back to her parent's home, and gave birth to his first child. 

Unfortunately, this daughter has had some mental disorders all her life. 

She is an unmarried woman, alone with a sick child in the countryside, the hardship of life can be imagined. 

Later, the child named Risel finally died. 

Restraining her grief over the loss of her daughter, she packed up and planned to go to him, though he had never seen her before. 

After the child died, her family began to strongly object to her dating him because he was an irresponsible man. 

Trapped in the emotional whirlpool, she completely lost her mind and came to his side despite the opposition of her family. 

In 1920xx, they officially became husband and wife. 

After marriage, to support his mathematics research career, she gave up her career and research and became his good wife to give birth to children and cook for him. 

A year later, their son was born. 

To make a living, she opened a family hotel for college students, waiting for her, but also endless hard work. 

However, a woman's heart is nothing more than this, as long as there is love, it is happy.

Soon, with her help, he went to work in the patent office and became a third-level expert. 

He said to friends and relatives: "I need my wife, she can solve math problems for me!" 

Under her meticulous care, he was able to study mathematics at ease, published five papers that caused the revolution of natural science in a year, and became a scientific superstar, and his fate took a great turn.