The woman behind Einstein-2

/November 2021

In the face of his achievements, she proudly told her friends: we have completed an important work that will make my husband famous. 

She thought she could begin to enjoy the good love and life, but he began to have an affair with different women. 

She was devastated, alone bearing the impermanence of love and his unfeeling in solitude. 

In 1920xx, he fell in love with his cousin and wrote to her asking for a divorce, claiming to have found true love. 

For her, who was already in financial trouble, it was like a bolt from the blue. She sent him to the sky with her own hands, and now he wants to fly by himself. 

Three years later, the two officially divorced. 

She lived in Zurich with her children during World War I. 

In order to treat her youngest son, she spent all her savings. Later, she had to make a living by teaching piano, almost living in seclusion. 

In 1948, the strong woman died in a hospital in Zurich. 

And he married a second wife in Berlin. 

Later, there was a third and fourth woman. 

She was Mileva, Einstein's first wife. 

And the great work they accomplished together, she said, was the famous "theory of relativity". 

Since their divorce from Einstein, people have been trying to forget this woman in order to match the near-perfect charm of the superstar. 

In Einstein's biographies, writers have always described her as a woman who made Einstein live a hellish life. 

Einstein himself never talked about the experience. 

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Everything about her was erased by the halo of the giant scientist, and she became a shadow behind him and never appeared in the sun again.