The youth that fled in a hurry

/October 2021

She inadvertently joined the craze of German uniforms in the year she met him. 

What she loves is not the uniform, but the bright copper buttons on it. 

She loved it so much that in a small shop, wearing a uniform, she looked left and right. 

While she was scratching her head and showing off in the mirror, a man stood behind her and looked at her quietly. 

"This dress doesn't suit you," he said. " 

She smiled knowingly, "Yes, I just like these two buttons, nothing else matters." 

She formed an inextricable bond with him because of those two buttons. 

Sometimes she would meet him and wander the streets of the city, looking for buttons. He looked for inspiration. 

They walk through the streets of the city like the wind. 

Once, she went out of town and ran into him in the terminal. 

He was surrounded by a group of reporters, and he was talking to others, with the corners of his mouth slightly raised. 

When speaking, he still habitually says "yes or no". 

These three words were his mantra, and they were affixed to the end of almost every sentence, and she had made fun of him with them. 

She was stunned, feeling that he was so strange and distant. 

She hurriedly took out her cell phone and pressed the familiar number, which was still his familiar voice, so friendly: "I'm Kobe Pig, what can I do for you?" 

She suddenly lost her tongue and burst into tears. 

Closed the line silently. 

She began to pay attention to the information about this person, and from time to time there was news that he had won a prize in a fashion contest in newspapers and on TV. 

He is a very famous fashion designer in the industry and has an avant-garde fashion design room. 

It is said that countless celebrities are looking for him to design clothes. 

She never went to see him again. He called and asked her to go shopping on Taobao. She would always find a good reason to refuse. 

He is only a mediocre civilian woman, how can he take a fancy to himself? 

Finally found a reason to say that he wants to study abroad, completely out of his sight. 

At that time, he gave her a modified German women's uniform, not only improved but completely fashionable based on the original. 

Old green cotton cloth, narrow trouser legs, many pockets; uniform version of the coat, with many copper buttons. 

He said gloomily, "come back and see me some time." 

She smiled. 

Like a flower, tears flow in my heart. 

Holding the dress, he walked farther and farther away and finally reached the place where he could not see it. 

Experienced a promotion, a raise, a lot of people coming and going. 

One midnight, she saw him again on TV. He was talking eloquently on TV. Next to him sat a beautiful woman, presumably his wife, with a little man playing at her feet. 

In the depths of her heart, a trace of pain gradually spread, and as quickly as she could, she found the German uniform he had given her and put it on her body. 

The woman in the mirror, valiant in tenderness and strong in charm, finally burst into tears... 

A brass button fell on the floor. She stooped to pick it up and played with it in her hand. 

She suddenly froze, with the delicate letter LOVE engraved on the back of the little copper button. 

Her fingers trembled and frantically removed all the buttons, each with the letter LOVE on the back, not the manufacturer and batch number. 

She finally lost control of her emotions and smashed the exquisite agate ashtray at hand. 

Those who LOVE, meet with themselves too late, late has been unable to save themselves. 

She buried her face in the palm of her hand and shed large tears. 

She looked at love in the usual way and finally made it fall apart like petals and crushed into dust.

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