There is no only one in the world

/October 2021

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Every man has a chance to be a good husband to some woman. 

Don't make such a fuss. 

This can also be said to men, in turn, there are thousands of women who can be good wives for you. 

You know I don't mean to be as good as possible, upbringing and profession make it impossible for me to say such silly things. 

I aim at the kind of "uniqueness" that writers often advocate in their works so that I am so original and original. 

There is no one, the only one is a lie. 

Look around, what is the only one? 

The sun? 

There are countless suns in the universe, bigger than it and brighter than it. 


Maybe one day we will fly to a planet made of diamonds, even the roller skating rink is made of diamonds. 

Fingerprints? fingerprints are the same, although, in theory, this is only possible among billions of people. 

Fortunately, women are not looking for criminals when they find their husbands, so they don't have to be so accurate. 

Many things in the world, over-precision, are bound to be harmful. 

There is a very harmful saying, called: every green leaf is different. 

I believe that under the electron microscope of scientists, there will be great differences between leaves. 

But in the eyes of ordinary people, they are indeed very similar. 

It is neurotic to make a mystery if you have to look at basically the same things very differently. 

In the forest, if you wear microlenses to see the tall trees, only the eyes are green and dizzy, it is impossible to grasp the whole picture of the forest. 

Maybe you'll lose your way, and you can't even find your way home. 

Marriage is a common problem for ordinary people, so don't complicate it artificially. 

The right person to be your husband is by no means an anomaly that has never been seen before. 

Just like we are ordinary women who have long existed, those ordinary men have lived safely on the earth for many years. 

We are not only a person but also a type, just like people who like to eat dumplings, most of them also love steamed buns and pies. 

Science has long proved that onions and carrots have the same temper and are bound to become good friends. 

Soybeans and castor are born to coexist peacefully. 

Roses and lilies are planted together, and each other has luxuriant flowers and green branches. 

But kale and celery are irreconcilable. 

Cloves and daffodils are even more incompatible. 

The tulips will simply not forget that I am dead. 

If you are a rose, as long as you are sober and determined to find one of the lily species, you will be happy. 

Of course, although the absolute number of a certain category of people is large, it is not too optimistic whether we can meet a specific suitable partner at a particular time. 

Believe that the only one, you are doomed to search around in the vast sea of people, just like a boat trying to catch a trout with no potential, waiting for you are countless thirsty dawns and sleepless moonlit nights. 

Clinging to the only desire to have a woman often gives birth to the idea of assembling her boyfriend and husband. 

Appearance is a very important bargaining chip, and it is naturally at the top of the list. 

In addition, this one is highly educated, which family is good, the other is gentle and elegant, and the other has a successful career. 

How wonderful it would be for women to break down men and chop off their best parts and glue them together into a beautiful new man with the above good parts. 

It's a pity that the universe is vast, where to find such glue! 

The only natural couple in a marriage is almost non-existent. 

At many weddings, the marriages we thought were made in heaven died like lightning. 

The real gold and silver marriages are mostly long-lasting running-in and tacit understanding. 

Women should not place their happiness in the selection of men before marriage, thinking that choice is everything. 

The right choice is only a good start, even if we are heading in the right direction, we will still encounter storms. 

The freshwater is gone, the oars float away, and the sails are broken. 

All kinds of dangers are like hidden reefs, lurking in the waterway and may overturn the boat at any time. 

I made the wrong choice, but I lost the first game. 

It's frustrating to get off to a bad start, of course, but the season is still long, so you can get ready for the coming year.