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/September 2021

According to the story, it is the first time in six or seven years that husband and wife have been married to travel, which is what they have been looking forward to. All the way, they spread happy laughter all the way. He took good care of her, as if to remember all this in his life.

Finally, two people took a cruise to another city at sea. It's the first time to see the boundless sea. They are very excited in their hearts. They stand on the deck and look at the distant sea and sky. They all remembered the romantic experience in Titanic. Then, when the disaster in the film really came, the sweetness and longing in their hearts were completely broken. So there was a very critical scene, and people flocked to the lifeboats that put down the water. He protected her and pushed her all the way to the front of the lifeboat. At this time, an amazing accident happened.

There was only one place on the boat, but the man pushed the woman behind him and jumped into the lifeboat himself. At this point, the lifeboat started quickly and left the ship. The woman stood on the sinking ship and shouted a word to the man.

At this point, I asked the following students: "Guess what a woman will shout at that moment?"

This is a lesson I gave to the middle school students in the composition class. After listening to half the story I told, the students were all lost in thought. The girls were very excited and angry, as if they were the desperate woman standing on the ship at the moment. After they thought about it for a while, I asked them to tell me the answer.

The girls spoke positively. They are passionate and indignant, and all they say are words full of resentment such as "I hate you" and "I am blind". The boys are much more rational and think more. Most of them associate in a beautiful direction. Their answers are "I don't blame you" and "I love you". In their words, at that moment, if a woman will still shout out "I love you", it will make men feel guilty and ashamed more than "I hate you".

I looked at the last student who didn't speak. That is a taciturn boy, who has been listening attentively to other people's answers. I asked him, and he said, "teacher, my answer, the woman must shout: take care of our children!" I was surprised and asked, "Have you heard this story?" He shook his head and said, "I haven't heard this story, but when my mother died, she said it to my father! Therefore, what my mother once said is my answer! "

There was a moment of silence in the classroom. I said, "The answer is correct. In fact, no matter what the story is, we should think on the bright side, and so should we face hardships, misunderstandings and blows. As long as there is a beauty in our hearts, we will find more beauty hidden under ugliness. Next, listen to me finish this story. "

The ship sank. Men escape, women are buried under the sea forever. The man returned to his hometown and wholeheartedly raised his five-year-old daughter. However, the story of the shipwreck, including what men did, came back. At that time, the accusations were overwhelming. There is no shame on the man's face, he is just silent, so everyone alienates him, everyone taunts him, and the cold eyes surround him tightly. Although life is more difficult, he still raised his daughter. But the grown-up daughter knows what happened at the beginning, but she only hates him. He still can't tell, and silently bears his daughter's hatred.

On the day his daughter was admitted to university, he committed suicide. No one sympathized with his death, and her daughter didn't have much sadness. In her heart, this man should have died thirteen years ago, and the living mother should have been unable to return her soul. Later, while sorting out the household items, my daughter found her father's diary many years ago, looked through it, and suddenly froze. Then I burst into tears and regretted it.

It turned out that when my father and mother went out to travel, my mother's illness had reached the last moment. My father just took her mother for a long walk in order to realize what she had promised her. When there is only one place left in the lifeboat, the father can only rush to the only life, because he has to shoulder the burden of raising his daughter. As my father wrote in his diary: "I want to sink to the bottom of the sea with you, but I can't. For my daughter, I can only let you sleep alone on the deep bottom of the sea ..."

After the story was finished, the girls in the class were all red-eyed, while the boys were more silent. They never thought that there were many twists and turns in the story. They all know at the moment that at that moment, the woman can only shout: "Take care of our children!"

I know that my students have already understood this story, and they have a beautiful seed in their hearts. Sometimes it is difficult to define the good and evil in the world, but as long as there is a good heart, everything will shine and everything will have no regrets. In this way, they will give the most beautiful answer to the complicated world in the future.

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