This shore situation, the other shore flower

/September 2021

At first sight of her, he was stunned by her beauty. 

At that time, he was just a handyman in a small arts and crafts company. 

However, with her excellent artistic talent, she became the youngest associate professor in a university. 

At that time, extremely self-abased, he did not dare to express his love to her and even dared not calmly meet her clear eyes, for fear that he would be looked down upon by her and fade out of his field of vision. 

However, the young heart lake has unstoppable ripples of love. 

From then on, he could no longer erase her from his heart. 

In the cluttered warehouse full of sundries where he stayed, for the first time in his life, he picked up a paintbrush and sketched characters as seriously as a pupil. 

He said: "her unparalleled beauty is the most otherworldly beauty I have ever seen in this life. It belongs to classic paintings and eternal poetry, and should be passed on to the world in a fixed way." 

He finally plucked up the courage to bring his childish painting to her, and he was greatly encouraged when she just said the word "all right" in such a courtesy. 

He told himself: hide the fiery love for a while, try again, and do better as soon as possible so that she can be worthy of her excellence. 

However, he was worried that she would be in love before he could succeed. 

Those troubles of adversity and retreat disturbed him, and in just two months, he lost more than twenty jin. 

Finally, he burned his sincere love into a poem and gave it to her. 

She replied with the same grace and firmly told him that their relationship could only end with friendship, not love. 

For her rational refusal, although he has a trace of bitterness, but does not complain a little bit, but has deep gratitude because she has not done anything wrong, she has her direction and independent choice. 

Maybe she is good enough to understand her deep love over the years. 

So he left the provincial capital, went to Beijing, and traveled across the sea to many art shrines in Europe, where he paid homage to his teachers and practiced his painting skills. 

While he was busy holding a solo exhibition in Paris, he received the news of her marriage. 

He sat blankly on the banks of the Seine, the autumn sun rubbing his face with melancholy, like a frosty withered grass. 

When he finally stopped the sadness in his heart, he wrote her a blessing, short and sincere: "I believe that you will have happy love because your beauty is not only external but also your mind, your soul." the people who love you most will see your unique excellence. " 

When we met again, he was already a famous master of art at home and abroad, and she was in that neither good nor bad marriage, savoring the bitterness and sweetness of secular life. 

In the end, can not give up the feelings, so that he has experienced countless vicissitudes of life, once again sat in front of her at that moment, still at a loss to panic. 

That day, he gave her an oil painting entitled "Forever". The long alley on the picture was silently telling his heart words, clear and hazy. 

She reminded him that he should think about starting a family. He saw a trace of sadness in her eyes and nodded: "Yes, affectionate years urge people to grow old, and you can't always trek on the road of love, but …"... " 

His desire to speak was very much like those paintings with a lot of white space, and she understood it even if he didn't say it. 

When he learned that her husband was killed while drifting, he quickly stopped the important international art exchange activities and flew to her from Italy for the first time to take care of her affairs. 

She was both moved and grateful, but she was still a simple word for his serious courtship-refusal. 

She did not give a reason, does not seem to need a reason, just like his love, at first sight, decades of mortal years, not only did not dilute that love but made it deeper and longer. 

Although she repeatedly refused, let him taste the ups and downs of hope and disappointment, but also let him chew a true love with no regrets. 

He said: "she is my other shore flower, always beautiful and fragrant at that distance." 

Some critics appreciate the distinct artistic style of his works-always so bright and warm, even if there is a little black gloom occasionally, they can't hide the red hope. 

Few people know how he is dipped in bitterness and describes the longing for happiness again and again, and it is even more difficult for anyone to realize what kind of love surges in his heart as his brush swims away. 

Later, he married the French painter George Julia and settled in the small city of Nice in the south of France, but always kept in touch with her by letter, and their friendship became deeper and deeper. 

She once said meaningfully: "failure to hold hands with him may not be the best choice for me in this life, but it gives me a lifetime of happiness." 

She died of a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 55. 

Hearing the news, he locked himself in the studio and painted the masterpiece "Flowers on the other side," which he did not sell for tens of millions of US dollars, and announced that he would withdraw from the painting world, do not touch pictures, live in seclusion, and declined any interviews. 

He is Ren Qianqiu, a famous oil painter in the last century. Her name is Xie Xiaoju. 

Their love story is like his last masterpiece-now, although those beauties are flowers on the other side, the warmth and beauty that time cannot change are still blown to us by the years.

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