To accompany you on the warm journey of standing-1

/November 2021

She and he are each other's, first love. 

When love comes, it is winter, and neither of them has a seat on the train, huddled at the door where the wind swished in, watching the snowflakes flying outside. 

After the bus stopped for a while, a conductor came over and said that he could get a free seat if he ordered lunch for 40 yuan. 

A group of people who had been crowded at the door gathered together and scrambled to hand over the money in their hands. 

After a while, she and he were the only ones left in the crowded and narrow aisle. 

He said hello to her generously, then pointed out the window and smiled, and said that he didn't know how beautiful the snowflakes were. 

She followed his eyes and looked out of the window. 

Once again, she was attracted by the flying snowflakes. 

So she stood quietly in the crowded aisle, looking at the beautiful frost on the window, the flashing open fields, the lonely trees, and the fast-moving passers-by. 

Occasionally, she would turn her head and listen attentively to him say a word or two, or talk about interesting things about her school. 

Such idle time, like a speeding train, flashes away those unbearable pains and throws them all on the cold tracks. 

They were indifferent towns in the same province, and when the bus arrived at the station, he helped her take off her luggage and held it high through the crowd. 

She followed behind, looking at his footprints, stepping on the snow, clear, powerful, her feet embedded, can be completely wrapped. 

She followed his footprints, and when she came to 120 steps, he finally stood up and handed the bag back to her, saying, "I'll still take this bus back to school a month later." if we can buy the earliest bus in the morning, maybe we can no longer "punish the station." 

Of course, she understood that it was a gentle gesture of love to her. 

She also knew clearly that her shy smile was the clearest reply to his love. 

Since then they have taken many trains together. 

They were admitted to the same university for graduate study, and during the holidays, he would use the money saved by his part-time work to buy two tickets, go to places where tickets were not needed, and make short trips.

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