To accompany you on the warm journey of standing-2

/November 2021

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Most of the time, there are no tickets for the passers-by, two people snuggled up to each other, standing in the aisle of the door, looking out of the window at the mountain flowers in full bloom in the fields, gliding quickly. 

The spring wind, with its fragrance all the way, blew in through the door and brushed away all her worries about the future. 

This belongs to her and his spring, the barren land, can not hide the temperature of passionate love. 

In their first year of work, he took her on a hard sleeper trip, then he saved a lot of money, he bought her a soft sleeper, and then a train that greatly reduced the fatigue of the journey. 

The honeymoon he promised her was to arrive in Guilin with beautiful scenery by plane. 

In this way, he led the self-abased her hidden in the depths to the rich river bank, and hoped that, like herself, she could no longer bloom safely in front of others for the sake of material poverty. 

She did reveal her fragrance leisurely in the happiness he brought to her. 

Everything she feared in the past faded in his efforts. 

She can enjoy the comfort and leisure brought by money. She can buy a ticket for a bullet train at the weekend and arrive at the bustling shopping mall in Beijing two hours later. 

If she is happy, he only needs to work overtime to earn her a ticket to Chengdu. 

His career went well with the wind, but she lost her way at the same speed as the train. 

She herself did not know when the loss began. 

She just began to learn to be picky, picky about crowded restaurants, noisy shopping malls, cold bedrooms in the future of heating, unpalatable food, congested buses, and painted houses; then she picked on his job where he didn't get a raise for a long time, about his fat body, and even got bored when he saw his sleeping position on the sofa. 

Finally, one day, she quarreled with him frequently for trivial reasons, and in the end, even she felt that the quarrel was meaningless.