To accompany you on the warm journey of standing-3

/November 2021

Finally, one day, she quarreled with him frequently for trivial reasons, and in the end, even she felt that the quarrel was meaningless. 

Before the word "divorce" was said to each other, he took her to the first small town she had visited when she was madly in love. 

It was an unknown place in the north, and he chose it when he was studying because one of his classmates who lived in a small town could not refund the ticket, so he transferred the ticket to him. 

It was this free ticket that brought them their first warm trip. 

Now, he took her again, it is still an unseated ticket, it is still a noisy carriage, but she no longer has the passionate love of the past. 

When she was halfway through the car, she began to quarrel with him and had to make up for her berth ticket anyway. 

He insisted that the berth had been sold out, but she insisted. 

Just when the two men quarreled and reached an impasse, a girl sitting at the door suddenly got up and walked up in front of them. She smiled shyly and said, "go and sit in that seat." 

She was surprised and asked, "what about you?" 

The girl smiled and said to a boy behind her, "I'm standing with him." 

At that moment, she thought of the old days. 

She remembered that she had been like a girl, that if she had only one seat, she would rather stand with her beloved him; that she had stood in the doorway like this, holding the beloved him, looking out of the window; and that all the travels were gone in each other's affectionate hugs. 

I remember that he worked hard all the way, just to find her a place where she could enjoy the scenery leisurely, but she, in the long and tranquil life he brought, threw his good things into a more and more comfortable journey. 

It was this long and exhausting journey that made her pick up the soft time of indifference and love abandoned on the tracks inch by inch.

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