To be happy is to match with you

/October 2021

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Only men who pursue perfection because of imperfection have room for development and have the quality of a real man to forge ahead. 

Women should focus on this kind of man. 

The world of men is strange and mysterious to many women. 

Women can walk into their field of vision, but it is difficult to enter their hearts. Some women can't understand men all their lives. 

For most women, excellent men are out of reach, and most of them are covetously watched by excellent women. If you do not have enough self-confidence and courage, you will not be able to obtain and protect that happiness. 

And the man in the middle class is the ideal virtuous man and father, they tolerate everything you have with a broad mind, give you an unchanging promise, and give you a warm and peaceful home. 

In reality, many women do not quite understand this, often blindly pursue some unrealistic fantasies, until they are overwhelmed by the cold reality. 

For example, many women tend to define men as "handsome", but their understanding of "handsome" is limited to the pleasing appearance. 

Everyone wants to be recognized by others from the first sense, but their appearance can not be determined by themselves. 

The so-called "handsome brother" in a woman's heart should be like this: emotionally single-minded, ideologically mature, successful in career, keen on doing things, determined, humorous, and confident, who can bring happiness to others. 

But there are no perfect men in the world, and so are women, so, women, cherish the men around you. 

People who have watched the TV series struggle must remember Xiangnan and Yang Xiaoyun, an enemy couple. 

Their blind marriage and hasty divorce represent the work style of the post-80s generation. 

Yang Xiaoyun in the play always complains that he is not as promising as Lu Tao to the south, the car he drives is not as advanced as Lu Tao, and his monthly income is not as high as that of Lu Tao. 

In short, Yang Xiaoyun envies Charlene that she has a boyfriend like Lu Tao. 

She always talks about how other people's husbands are promising and how good they are in front of their husbands. 

Over time, Xiangnan felt that it hurt his self-esteem, which laid the groundwork for their final divorce. 

Don't always complain that "men don't have a good thing" and "this society is very cold". There are many good men, but you haven't met or discovered it for the time being, and the social environment is still good, and most of the time it is fair and just. 

If you think about it in this way, your mood will become much more positive. 

In any case, we should try to become kind, elegant, cultured, and grateful women, rather than angry, vulgar, complaining, and ungrateful women. 

When you encounter unsatisfactory things and unfair phenomena, you don't have to punish yourself with the mistakes of others. You don't have to be angry and paranoid, which will only make your life narrower and darker; while peace and reason, courtesy and magnanimity will make you charming, forge good relationships, and the road of life will become wider and wider. 

I often hear many women say, "marrying you is the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life." 

Such a statement is rather extreme. 

Most men are not as hopeless as women complain. 

However, women always stare at the shortcomings of men with a magnifying glass, ignoring their strengths. 

To get married is not to choose the best, but to choose the most suitable. 

Partners have to get along with themselves for a lifetime, so they can't be like decorations for putting them at home and taking them out for praise. 

Psychological matching is a neutral word, it has no so-called "good" and "ring". 

Marriage is not about finding someone better and more successful than you, but about finding someone who shares your interests, makes you happy, and can live in harmony with you. 

If a person can understand you, appreciate you, tolerate you, understand your personality, appreciate your strengths, accept your weaknesses, and let you give full play to your potential, then he is the most suitable person for you. 

Concerning marriage, Bi Shumin once made such an incisive and vivid analogy: marriage is a pair of shoes, no matter what shoes, the most important thing is to fit; no matter what kind of marriage, the most important thing is harmony. 

Do not only covet the luxury of shoes, and wronged their own feet. 

What others see are shoes, but what they feel are feet. 

Women like to pursue perfection, but, you know, there is no perfect person in the world, and a perfect world is a utopia. There are always some defects in this society. 

As modern women, we should have a deep understanding of this. To understand this, we must accept reality with a normal mind, otherwise, we will fall into endless complaints. 

Instead of complaining, it is better to open your heart, change your life and work with a normal and enterprising spirit, and be a cultured woman. 

As Pushkin wrote: if life deceives you, don't be sad, don't be impatient! 

Calm is needed in melancholy days. 

Believe it, the happy day will come.