To choose love is to choose happiness-1

/November 2021

At 06:30 in the morning, du Xiaofei came out of her home vaguely and took the No. 902 bus to work. 

Thinking of taking the subway after squeezing the bus, du Xiaofei looked at the bag she was carrying-a beautiful dress in the bag that she wore on a blind date at night. 

Du Xiaofei is very disgusted with blind dates, but this time is different, according to the introducer, this young man is looking for according to du Xiaofei's ideal appearance: healthy and handsome, with a house, a car, and a company. 

If the blind date is successful, du Xiaofei will no longer have to get up early every morning to squeeze the bus. 

Our collection has the high low bridesmaid dresses to exceed your expectation. Just take these selections into consideration.

At the thought of this, du Xiaofei couldn't help smiling. 

When she smiled, a boy next to her glanced curiously at her, and du Xiaofei also looked at him: refreshing, just the type she likes, but it's a pity that she has to go to work by bus, and she won't find such a busman as her boyfriend. 

Suddenly, the moving car had a sudden brake, and all the people rushed forward, and du Xiaofei also hit the busman hard, but the busman was as motionless as a nail on the ground. 

Du Xiaofei subconsciously looked forward. It turned out that in front of him was a pregnant woman with a big belly. 

After the bus stopped, the busman shook his hands hard. It seems that he must have used all his strength to stand on his feet at the moment of breaking. 

Du Xiaofei could not help taking another peek at the busman. 

Two stops later, an empty seat appeared beside du Xiaofei. Du Xiaofei, who was wearing stilettos, wanted to sit down for a while, but she still called the pregnant woman over to sit down across the busman. 

After two more stops, there was an empty seat beside the bus man, but the busman didn't sit either. He moved to the side and motioned to du Xiaofei to sit. 

Du Xiaofei smiled at the busman and sat down comfortably. 

If only he was on a blind date at night. 

Du Xiaofei sighed and found a reason for herself: I am so realistic, there is nothing I can do. If I am floating alone, who doesn't want to find a golden man?

Du Xiaofei was secretly delighted, but she didn't know whether it was to keep the rich man's appetite, or for another reason, du Xiaofei said, "Thank you. I think it's good to go to work by bus!"